Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #27 – Open Your Heart

The world is limitless in its abundance. Read it once again out loud. If you do not believe or accept this, that means you have limitations in your head. 

Your soul knows everything; all you need is to open your heart and start listening to your soul and believing.  Your mind does not allow an abundance to come through the obstacles that live for years in your mind. These thoughts are coming from my recent birthday. 

I spent this day with the prominent people in my life – husband and kids, family and friends. Presents started to arrive suddenly even before my birthday. That was a niche perfume called Delina from my girl whom I met on occasion. I chose it among so many great alternatives together with her. The signs have started to appear….!  

That day I received so many beautiful flowers, sincere smiles, happiness, and at the same time, I was so relaxed. Everything was in order – fantastic flowers and candles on a table, golden plates, fantastic cake. 

The makeup artist made me feel completely different that day and gave so many tips, and advice that I had never received before and did not even think about. I felt so hydrated and luminous. It is incredible how big the world is and how you allow yourself to meet people you need right now and then let yourself accept. Let it go, let it come to you. A week after my birthday, I changed my makeup products and added many new fantastic skincare products thanks to a professional consultation. 

There is much information that we do not know until we are willing to change. We are changing from inside to outside. First comes always your inner self and your acceptance of yourself. Why did all this happen to me now, not a month or year before? 

Everything happens when you are ready to be open and accept. Ready to change. Open your heart, make it a new habit, and observe so many wonders in your life. They will be dropping to you like snowflakes in winter to your face and hands. 

It is a fantastic feeling when a cosmic channel starts opening, and through this open corridor, everything beautiful comes to you – people, events, products, smiles, admiration. Let yourself have it, to have all you deserve. Start feeling differently, invite shining moments into your life. They will not let you wait. 

With love,

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