Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #26 – Find a balance

How harmonized is your body? You may be stable if you are balanced. Your life is the same as your body because we live always following the same rules. If you invest in yourself, in your passionate life, time, and money, you may find an outstanding balance in your life. 

In different periods of your life, it is demanding from you an extra volume of patience. Your balance can be different but significantly working for you. If you can find a balance between your work, hobbies and adventures, family and friends, you will have a chance to build up your beautiful and unique lifestyle. 

Every day may bring you happiness. Start and end your day with gratitude for your joy and balanced living. Listen to your heart and soul, not only to your mind. Even here as well, you need to find a balance. 

After a while, some people may be questioning you – How are you keeping up with everything? It will be easy for you because you will balance the people and things you love and need. It is even worse if you cannot balance your life and you are successful only in one field, for example, at your work and career. What about the LOVE in your life? Where are warm relationships with your parents? 

Do you have quality time with your kids? Do you miss self-love activities? If you do not have time for yourself, that means you do not love yourself. One day it will be late. One day the sun may not rise for you. Enjoy your nice living today and all your future days. 

How to balance all sectors of your life?

To answer the question, list your sectors of life that have great importance for you:

  1. I – start from yourself, as for yourself, you may not have time at the end of the day. Here I offer you to think and write about activities that you wish to have in your life that make you smile and happy. Probably they do not bring you money or other awards, but your soul is dreaming about them. 
  1. Family – husband, kids, parents. How you are going to dedicate time to them. What will you be doing together? What do you and they want to do together? Discuss instead of guessing. Thus you will avoid many mistakes and save precious family time. 
  1. Work, job and career  – this is an important topic as well. I genuinely believe that your work should be your passion and challenge. Think Big!
  1. Hobbies – any sport, creation, music, art, wellbeing. 
  1. Self-development activities 

You may add and delete points from your list. Above is your reference list for creating your own. Now it is time to put all sectors in your weekly calendar. Fill it. Do not be in a hurry. Move step by step. I hope you have an excellent, balanced, and happy life!

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