Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #29 – If you want to live your best life, trust yourself

Whenever you are, whatever you do, trust yourself and follow your inner decisions. They should be done based on your feelings, sixth sense, and intuition.  You will never be misguided. The first feeling is the right one; then, we usually switch to logic, giving ourselves different perspectives, pros, and cons. They may take us far from the truth.

You will start hearing compliments that you are so beautiful even if you are with no make-up at that moment, just because you are looking fabulous from within. You represent yourself; you are bold. You may conquer and have everything you want since you are genuine. How your trust in yourself may mirror your life?

#1: World will trust you 

How may you expect others to believe in you, your ideas, and your words if you lie to yourself? People, animals, and the entire world live in the same system as you, in the same energy. Everybody feels. 

Be yourself, and people will try to be close to you. You will be lightened up from inside. They will follow your light; this is your soul that will attract them. 

I often experienced this; a team of people may follow your ideas if you truly believe in them and are passionate.

Once I had an experience of a photo session with purebred horses in the frame of the celebration of New Year in a business club. I noticed an interesting behaviour of horses. If someone was afraid of taking a picture or coming closer, a horse was becoming scared, and it tried to go or jump far from a person. They were scared of each other. Observing different attitudes when it was my turn to come to this beautiful, strong horse, I started to talk with him from within, touch him, and trust each other. 

There was an intimate moment of truth. That was an incredible experience of translating our attitude to the world and what we receive back. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #29 – If you want to live your best life, trust yourself

#2: Life as a boomerang will return to you with good news 

Have you ever played with a boomerang? You throw it, and it comes back to you. The same system works in our life. If you give the world happiness, prosperity, love, you will receive the same. You will become even happier because you will receive back what you give to the world. 

How do you expect that somebody will love you if you are dissatisfied and react to anger to people and events in your life? It will never happen. It is life in a tunnel without a door and light in the end. You are a confused person that tries to have another result keeping the same attitude. 

Instead, become lighter and lighter, be happy for every moment of your life, be pleased that you are alive. Your life is already a gift that you have. And life as a boomerang will return to you with happiness, joy, and light. 

#3: You will start getting your wishes faster and easier 

Imagine that your body is perfectly shaped, nothing stops you, and you run as fast as you can, feeling free and strong. You will reach your final point easily, with pleasure, and it will take you less time. 

On the other hand, if you feel bad, ill and your legs are tired, your body is not tuned to a condition of health, you will run slowly, it will hurt you and you will reach your target point with the worse result, very late or will not reach it, deciding to go out of the race. 

The same logic we have in our lives, if you trust in yourself, in what you are doing, life will open you every door and get what you want faster and in the easiest way. Because your frequency will be high, you will easily reach high results. Your emotions, feelings, thoughts will not hurt you but instead will move you ahead. 

I wish you to live the best life being yourself and trusting yourself.  

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