Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #28 – Go on, do not stop!

We have recently discussed with my son some vital topics. I want to share with you the question marks and answers that we chose. Maybe you will feel that they suit you and you will pick them to live in your life. 

What to do if you want to give up? If you do not believe that you need to proceed anymore? When are you tired from pushing? Why all these efforts?  

When you want to give up, look at all you passed through and then decide. You should have done so much to arrive at the moment you have now. Sometimes it seems that it is hard to continue or enough for you. These very moments make you strong if you choose to continue. 

How can you make your efforts easier for you?

Stay up to the clouds on a high energy level, do not let yourself come down to a poor material level. Keep your attention on positive energy. Focus on the good. Be grateful for what you have. Please do not concentrate on problems; they will solve one by one, do not overestimate them.  

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #28 – Go on, do not stop!

Always check your balance and geometry. In our world, everything has its shape and balance. Looking simply at nature and the animal world, you will quickly notice it. Day and night are always there; seasons change after the season.

The leaves on the tree change their colour in the same period. Fishes swim, birds fly. We, humans, are born to live happy life. Then instead of feeling happiness, we focus on the problems that make us sad. 

We receive in our life events on which we focus. If you concentrate on positive aspects, you will receive more goodness in your life. Stay happy and balanced to live a happy life. You only need to hold your head straight and feel excellence inside no matter what happens around you. Be your hero. Believe that everything is possible and it is true.

Support of your close people matters

Hope is becoming tangible, and you can touch it when the prominent people in your life believe in you. If you are lucky to have supportive, great people nearby, get their support. You may share your ideas with them. Choose the right one, do not consult with the others. 

There is no need to listen to their criticism; they will be happy when you hit the ball, forgetting how everything started. Wait until that moment to talk to them. 

Do set a clear goal 

If you have a target without motivation to achieve it, this is not a goal. It is just a dream. To reach your goal, you need your motivation and action. Split your big goal into parts and reach it one by one. Praise yourself the time you achieve each one. Do not minimize your efforts. 

You are a great person; you are intelligent and hard-working. Tell that to yourself, do not be shy. Those were a few topics we discussed with my son sharing and exchanging thoughts. 

We decided that everything is possible with an indicated goal. We need to stay balanced on the way to our destination. You need to enjoy the process. Good to have the support of close people. If you do not have this support, be yourself this person for yourself. You are enough. 

Make these outputs a new habit in your life. Enjoy living them!

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