15 self-love activities

Practicing self-love is a must because otherwise, you risk living a life that belongs to everybody – your work, kids, husband, friends – but not to you. 

How to practice self-love? How to work on self-love? Let us discover self-love ideas and examples of self-love. 

I will list things to do for self-love below one by one and we will see together ways to self-love, and how to build self-love.

1. List your dreams

Take a piece of paper and define all your dreams. You will notice that first, you will write all the materialistic things you would like to get. It may be a new car, a new house, etc.

Try to be deeper after and write all your inner needs including self-love activities that probably you hide from others and even from yourself.

Write everything that comes into your head, let it be crazy. Do not be logical and say to yourself that you do not have enough money or time to execute your dream, just let it come from your pen to your paper. 

Note: if you have your dreams less than 50 that means you are not able to dream 😊

practicing self love

2. Make something that relaxing you

Take a bubble bath with music and aroma, letting yourself indulge, pamper yourself. You will have time for yourself, put on music, try not to think for a moment about anything that disturbs you. Let it be a truly relaxing time for you. 

3. Do something extraordinary but pleasant for you

Enjoy the moment of choosing festive toys for your fir-tree, maybe before it was not so necessary for you or you “preferred” to be at work or busy and then didn’t have any time to make these small joyful things.

Doing this concentrate on this moment of joy, do not be in a hurry, enjoy all these sparkling little toys.

Being an adult you still need to care about your inner child. 

4. Make your beauty routine

Implement weekly and daily routines. Weekly can be manicure or SPA treatment.

Daily you may have an evening shower with a pleasant favourite scent and evening beauty routine – when you put your serums, creams, trying new ones from time to time as well. 

Make it with big love to yourself and your body.  Practicing self-love is very easy and gives us great pleasure, however often we do not know where to start and how to implement it.

Here we are listing the easiest to start self-love ideas.  

5. Dedicate time for reading 

Go to a book store and take a good book with a topic interesting for you. You can make a cup of your favourite tea or coffee and deep dive into something interesting and new for you.

In 24 hours each day try to find at least 30 minutes for this activity. Imagine that every day you are browsing social network for hours, why not to have time for yourself to read a book.

self love ideas

6. Be beautifully dressed and go for dinner 

Be well dressed for yourself, and have an elegant dinner with your loved one. Order delicious food and enjoy the evening focusing not on your messages but the taste of the food.

7. Do not compare yourself with anybody

You know nothing about their lives, try to understand and give a precious value to yours. 

8. Go out of the city for a weekend stay 

You may go skiing or skating, make horse riding in a country club. There are so many possibilities and amazing experiences that we sometimes forget in our daily routine. Practicing self-love means also to have new exciting experiences!

9. Go for shopping 

Buy for yourself the most wanted thing without feeling guilty or waiting for a discount. This is also one of the things to do for self-love. 

10. Invite your friends

Stay with your friend inviting them to SPA, party, or dinner. To be in the pleasant company of your friends will give you joy, new ideas or information that you may introduce to your life as well later on.  

examples of self love

11. Call your parents and close people

Call them just to greet and say how much you love them. Last month probably you haven’t had time for that. The more you love yourself more you may share the love. 

This is a law and now you will probably start to understand how important to practice self-love not only for yourself but for your close people as well. 

12. Go on holidays

Choose a destination you never had been in.  Do you like vitamin sea and sun? Or maybe you prefer the freshness of the mountains. Try to define your desires, do follow your wishes. 

Have a stroll there, be inspired by nature, enjoy a sunset, road along the sea. Enjoy every outstanding simple moment, take it as a precious gift. 

13. Get flowers from your beloved one or buy yourself a bouquet

Peonies and roses my favourite flowers. Which is yours? Compose a good habit to live among the beauty of flowers.

14. Accept your uniqueness

Be a top person for yourself, decide and accept this. It will help you not to compare yourself with the others, it will cut your desire to belong to any group. Be and stay happy as you are – with your uniqueness and brightness. 

15. Be nice to yourself

Get praise from yourself for any result, do not hurry up to come to a final target scolding yourself that you are too slow.

Be patient and tolerant of your best friend ever – yourself. Enjoy a process of changing.

Practicing self-love will lead you to inner happiness. Now since you read above some of the self-love ideas from which one will you start? 

Start from one point and after some time add another one. It took a great time to arrive at the life you live now, so understand that it may take you also some time to change. 

This change will give you the most valuable conditions of wellbeing – self-love, and happiness. 

You will never be the same person as you are now. 

Enjoy a road of change!

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