Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #25 – Be open to new adventures!

Life is beautiful; life is fantastic. So many opportunities, excitement, and joy! This week’s new habit is to be open to new adventures. Get this new habit because it is significant for your development, be more robust, and have a new path in your life that will lead you to new heights. 

When you are scared you limit yourself trying to do what you already know and avoid a new journey. Do the opposite  – do experience something completely new. Who knows – maybe it will become your best habit or lifestyle. Let me share as an idea my adventures of this week.

Get the medal you deserve!

First time in my life, I participated Marathon registering for a distance of 10 km. I am not a runner; I do not run five times per week. I run to warm up during my fitness training.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #25 – Be open to new adventures!

I never thought of participating in a marathon before. And now, after a marathon – I want to share with you my emotions that it was a fantastic experience. It was the Almaty Marathon  – a great sports fest with high energy and vibes. Thousands of people started to run; it was a wonderful sunny day with smiling faces everywhere. The streets are closed and empty; I saw my lovely city surrounded by fantastic mountains from the middle of the streets. Awesome!

We ran ten km, and it was a distance full of emotions, supportive volunteers, drumroll, and even a string orchestra in one place. What if I refused this incredible experience because of any fear? I would never feel this, and I would never believe that I could do that. 

I completed my journey with a 10 km distance but not only. I have got belief, love, excitement. I decided to take a few lessons in a Run School and will run in my next Marathon. Maybe you may meet me next time, also in the Istanbul or New York Marathon? Why not? Join me and thousands of other people who already enjoy this experience. 

Karting as a new adventure

My boy’s football club organized for us a lovely day in karting. There were mostly boys who participated. I joined the list of who wants to try. Probably I regretted once on a sharp bend, but then I started to enjoy the wind, speed, and new experience. That was something extremely new for me because before, I only tried some karting inside the city. This one was a professional ride one hour away from the city. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #25 – Be open to new adventures!

Along with a completely new adventure, it teaches you to understand the speed and thoughts of other drivers. The ones that didn’t care about this were crashing and falling. Such a case was just before my eyes, and I felt as if I participated in Formula 1. 

I kept riding, being so close to the road, so tight with my car. Unbelievable – you are becoming another human being after such experiences. It does not mean that you love it and will keep coming to this place every weekend. But once you may try to feel yourself. You are riding in danger but controlling yourself and your car. 

Do not miss such opportunities when you have them. If you do not have them, create them yourself. The idea is not to live the same life always. Do have flashes, have your vibe and be open to new adventures!

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