17 habits to develop to live well

Let us summarize well living habits to develop.

We need them to synchronize all our sides – thoughts, emotions, body, and energy.

1. Do everything for your pleasure, in the condition of Joy

Joy, love, and happiness are the meaning of life.

We have so much time dedicated to learning, understand the purpose of life.

The reality is very simple. To feel joy and happiness

2. Live in the moment. Not in your past or future

Observe your thoughts they will be all about your future events or memories of your past. Where do you live? If think only about the future or past you will never feel NOW.

This magic Now moment that gives you a taste of life, love, inspire you, and embrace you.

3. Do not compare yourself to anybody else

That is your life, your personality, your goals. You do not have any idea about someone’s life. You may see a beautiful picture but do not feel and be inside the real scenes of this person’s life.

Therefore do not compare, live your life to the fullest.

As being 50 years person you can not compare yourself with 5 years kid saying How lucky you are!

Every period has its beauty!

4. Unplug sometimes  – from your gadgets, work, people

Do whatever makes you free – go to the mountains, listen to music, run, escape from everyone, observe nature, look at the endless sea or sky.

We need this time to feel our core, change for a moment, breath from our responsibilities. Listen to your heart!

17 habits to develop to live well

5. Love yourself more than anybody in your life

Since your soul has to live in your body, it deserves to be loved, to be passionate about it. Your soul knows all answers to any of your questions.

But our mind is strong enough to complicate our life, it’s talking all the time not stopping for a moment. You may check it out.

Try to sit even one minute without any thoughts. Without a practice of meditation, it would be impossible.

6. Care about your body

As a flower that is beautiful when poured and your body also needs not only be used every day but thoughtfully cared about. Let’s see in more details in the below points.

7. Drink enough water every day

The most simple way to calculate the daily amount is to multiply 30 ml to your weight in kg. Filling your body with enough quantity of water will give you a possibility to boost your immune system with just this good and simple habit. Water needs to be PH more than 7 and room temperature.

8. Eat well

Let yourself have carbs, proteins, and fats in your everyday nutrition.

Eat vegetables and fruits.

9. Get sunlight

Sunlight is the same as it was at the beginning of creation. It has good energy.

Try to stay on the sun, a natural source of a great and important vitamin D.

10. Train your body, give the tasks

Demand, love it to be loaded. Do not crash, do not stop, keep going. It can be hard, but stay strong!

11. Sleep well

Define the right hours for you to sleep, and quantity as well. Make it a habit.

Your hormones will be thanking you, making you positive and balanced. 

12. Meditate

Observe your breath, stay calm in between real and unreal. You can not

experience it in ordinary life making ordinary things.

13. Laugh!

Do not take life too seriously. Have fun!

14. Spend time with people close to you

your soul friends, parents, kids. It is precious time and you will never regret in the future that you didn’t dedicate enough time to them.

15. Have inspirations!

Find them around. Seek for a beauty. You are there where your focus. Focus on high-level inspirational things. They will be coming to your life, it can be travel, art, anything incredibly beautiful. Invite AWESOME to your life.

16. Read and watch new material

implement it in your life, thus changing your life. Be curious and fearless. Everything is possible.  

17. Develop yourself constantly

get more and more good habits in your life.       

17 habits to develop to live well

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