Why do you need to practice Gratitude?

To be grateful is our most natural state of being. Why do we need to practice gratitude and what for do we need to be grateful for?
Our body works as a perfect factory that produces new cells, proteins, hormones that allow us to move, breathe, feel, and have about 70 000 thoughts every day.
Do we notice that we care about this or tired of this? No, it doesn’t bother us, we even do not think and are unaware about this bulk volume of hard work.
We should be grateful every day that we may see, breathe, move, laugh. We take it for granted however we need to start practicing gratitude.
Find some practical tips on how you may start to move from philosophy to knowledge of how you may start doing this in the reality of your days, when, how often and what are the benefits give gratitude to you.

First thing in the morning when we are still in an alpha state of mind – the state in between sleep and wakefulness – do not immediately jump from the bed and get your phone to check social media, emails, and WhatsApp messages. Leave these beautiful moments for yourself.

Let be grateful for:
Having one more wonderful day to live
That you may see and move
your bed that allowed you to rest
your house
all the good things that you have in your life
all the future amazing events that are waiting for you in the future
your parents and kids
everything you have in your life

You will feel how warm becomes your heart, smile, and have your perfect start of the day done.
It is very important to live consciously and choose how we start one more day – one more new experience in our life, from problems and anger or gratitude and love.

Why do you need to practice Gratitude?

Start keeping a gratitude journal.
There are dozens of ready templates of a gratitude journal or Gratitude Apps. You may check them out or you may do your one yourself. Get a new notebook that will be dedicated to your gratitude. You will not be going to write plans for weeks and months, holidays, and works.
You will have it deliberately for your new habit – gratitude.
Sit down, have time for yourself. Start writing, list 10 things for which you are grateful for.

Do not limit yourself, write as many points as come to your heart and mind.
Better to have a certain time of the day for this action which will be fixed and comfortable for you – for example before going to bed. But do not limit yourself, you may have done it whenever and any time you wish.

Do not blame yourself not to be creative or not feeling like a professional writer, the most important listen to your heart and express gratefulness by your words and wisdom.

While having a walk or sitting in a car have a look around. We constantly live in a materialistic world of plans, projects, money, cars, houses and I am not an exception. It is difficult to stop thinking and analyzing and notice how seasons change, how beautiful is your day or mood. How amazing autumn colors are! Nature’s colors are a source of great inspiration for designers with colors of green, brown, yellow, and orange leaves under a
blue sky with white clouds.

Be grateful that moment for this incredible experience of life and know that you are living in the present moment because you are not thinking of past tasks and not forecasting your plans. You exist in this moment.

What will be the advantages to you of this new habit? A lot!!!
When you are focusing on great and kind things you are becoming less stressed and start realizing how much kindness you have in your life, how much you are supported and blessed.
You feel calmer and flow of gratitude appear towards people surrounded you, you start appreciating their support and love.
You start noticing small but important things that may let you feel happier and satisfied.

Every day we are making choices on how to live, what to notice, and how to behave.
Choose life in infinite joy and gratitude!

Why do you need to practice Gratitude?

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