5 reasons to start thinking well about yourself

First of all, we must immediately understand that if we do not start thinking well about ourselves, no one will think about us. Therefore, this is a key point.

Only by loving yourself, you can love others, generously endowing them with sincere care, attention, and support.

Often we think that doing a lot for others, regardless of or leaving time for ourselves for later on, we do everything right.

The source of this behavior is the desire to be like by others, to be useful, to gain approval, to hear praise.

However you are already priceless, you are already unique, you are already self-sufficient. You just forgot it a long time ago, but you were created and born as such a person, only one of a kind in this world.

5 reasons to start thinking well about yourself
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So the first reason to start thinking about yourself is

1. Start doing what you love

To do this, you can start with one action today.

Think about what you like to do the most and maybe what your hands don’t reach when days running.

Because we have plenty of obligations – we work hard, we have children, we have a responsibility, we have many things that we “must” do.

How to pamper yourself today?

You may light candles, put your favorite music, fill the bath with salt and foam. After that it is important to warn everyone in the house that you are away for 1 hour and ask them not to bother you. The world will not collapse without you.

It’s time for yourself….

2. Do whatever develops you

It might be learning French or Italian.

In other words, some other new knowledge for you.

Listen to your heart, there is an inner knowledge inside you that will direct you. 

3. Strengthen your body. You will need it until your last breath

Choose your favorite way – for instance, do simple exercise, play tennis, run, ride a bike.

Just start to do something.

Do not make a Big plan, simply love your body, and let it work.

Take the first step, courage to have a new habit to develop your physical strength.

4. Shine from inside and outside

Whatever happens in your life do not wait for the right moment to SHINE.

Get up from your bed, dress up with a beautiful outfit according to your today’s mood.

Above all, do not forget to put AMAZING mood on your face, shining from inside to outside.

Here is my board with pictures in my cave.

5 reasons to start thinking well about yourself

As you may see here, I have SHINE!

So just Shine, do not follow your regular chronic negative thoughts about your life, your appearance, whatever.

As soon as you capture an old familiar thought change it to SHINE

5. Change MUST to CAN

Think that you are not obliged to MUST do the things.

Instead think that you CAN do the things

Anyway, you will accomplish the things you need to complete today.

However, this slight difference from MUST to CAN gives you a big chance of CHOICE.

So, nobody but YOU will pick up where to invest your time. your energy. your love

Enjoy life. Shine

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