How to feed your health with love?

You are a brilliant and amazing shining person!

With every post we will be moving on and on, having a new relationship with yourself, loving yourself.

You should appreciate yourself more than anybody in this world.

Have a minute – Go to the mirror, you see a familiar face to you.

Breath slowly and calmly, from a deep of your heart say, “I so much love you”.

It is normal if you feel uncomfortable if you do not trust what you are saying.

But do not give up – try to continue with this declaration of love towards yourself 21 days and you will notice that after some days you will see eyes that are becoming more and more clear, trustful. Thus, you will be able to open your heart.

Why it is so much important to love yourself for a sake of your health?

The first reason

is that if you are in love you are balanced.

How to feed your health with love?

And inner balance is quite important for the functioning of your body, it helps to keep in a balance your stress hormone levels. 

Loving yourself means not to allow anybody to hurt you, to dominate on you. You will not follow somebody’s feelings; the words of the people will not affect you. That does not mean that you will not choose to listen or understand or accept someone’s brilliant opinion. But negative words or attitude will not hurt you because you are in love, you are in balance within.

The second reason

loving yourself you are truly able to love the world, transfer your kindness and care. Because you are FULL. You are not in the condition of shortage.

And you will be very much surprised how the world around you will change.

Family, colleagues, unfamiliar people on the streets will start smiling looking at you.

You will be feeding yourself with their multiplied love resources. Your hormones of happiness will be higher. Cells within you will be happy.

How to feed your health with love?

Our emotions influence our body organs, our negative thoughts formulate diseases especially the ones that are repeating, bring us even chronic diseases. Choose the other opposite way.

Have positive thoughts, love yourself, love people. Stay in balance and keep enjoying your healthy and successful life.

The third reason

is When you are in love with yourself you are able; you CAN do the things you love.

And this will give you enormous energy. Since you are not obliged but you do it just for yourself.

And this energy level is an indicator of your health level as well.

For our whole life, each of us is given a certain amount of energy.

The quality of life we live, how healthy we are throughout the years all depends on how we spend our energy.

Do we often scream to our kids, are we disappointed with the little things that make us nervous, stress at work?

How we live our lives? How we spend this precious time and valuable energy is given?

Do not spend for the things that are not inspiring you, that you do not love.

Surround yourself with the people and things that you love.

Your job or business, your man, kids, hobbies.

Choose!!! There are so many choices.   

I arrived at this at fullest at my 45. That was a journey to discover myself and I am still on the go.

I feel Happy.

And I want to share my way and thoughts. To inspire you, to make you live the life you deserve

I love you All!

Keep enjoying life!

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