How one habit will change your life?

You probably know that habit makes character, character influences our behaviour and behaviour, and choices make our destiny and life. Now we understand how it is crucial to have a good daily habit. Because it simply makes our life.

What your best habit? Or what is the best habit to have? The answer depends on what kind of life would you like to have. What quality of life is desirable for you? Let us take our time and think over in this article what is the best habit to develop.

Among thousands of good habits to develop there is one important and the most precious one. That is the one habit that may change your life. Habit to Love yourself. Amazingly simple to say and so hard to get this good daily habit.

Daily, every minute, every second of your life you may live from the perspective of loving yourself. To my opinion, this is a great habit to have.

Whatever and whenever you do please ask yourself do I do it from Love or Fear? If you do it from Love it will bring you joy, pleasure, excitement – all these positive bright feelings that you were going to follow when you have born.

what habit is important to develop

If you are doing something from Fear that means you do not want to do this. You are doing this because you must do this, you obliged to do this. Is it make you happy to do this?

Your best habit to Love yourself is very natural to you but being an adult, you completely forgot about this, you closed tightly your soul with feelings and use only your logic and mind. You need always to be busy, overthinking your problems, issues, all those dark sides of your lives.

Do you remember yourself as a kid when you may stay in nothing to do state for hours playing around? Try to repeat it even for ten seconds, I beg you will not be able to stay in this state of wellbeing even one

The good news is that you may develop this good daily habit. Your best habit will become to Love yourself and you will love it too.

Ponder also when do you love yourself, when not. Be sincere with yourself. Do not be shy, remember that you are your best friend. I know that your soul is waiting for this conversation for quite a long time.

First, try to list of things/situations/moments when you do not love yourself and change them one by one. Make a new choice, reprogram yourself, make a new chain, and then the best habit to form.

best habit to develop

You may receive joy and pleasure from your life. Not only on your birthday but each day. It is your choice, and this is the best habit – to stay happy and in a state of love always, constantly.

Now make another list – of things that you love to do. Write down all that you already have in your life and that you will be happy to have but have not time, courage, money.

Reconstruct your life if needed, be brave. Put your interests, happiness, and love as a priority.

Here I need to mention particularly important knowledge. Do not confuse the best habit to Love yourself with egoism/selfishness. When you love yourself you love life, people around you, all the world. Selfish people think only about themselves chasing only their interests and benefits.

What mom can be the best– of course, the one that loves herself, ready to give all her love back to her child from the sense of trust, not control or anger. We will talk about this topic in my next post and discover tips and suggestions on how to grow a happy, confident, and responsible kid.

Wishing you the best habit to develop that will change your life.
Big hugs, Nazgul

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