Your powerful daily affirmations

We need to practice positive daily affirmations. They will allow us to start living combining our mind, soul, and body. 

Powerful daily affirmations are a great tool to start and finish your day. Throughout the day try also dedicate time to practice your best daily affirmations. That will give you a chance to concentrate and focus on the things you would like to have in your life. You may call these moments minutes of consciousness.  

Daily affirmations are a very good habit if you would like to change your life and observe how desired targets are coming into your life. 

Your powerful daily affirmations

You and your life should not be the same throughout your life journey, you deserve the best life because it is a gift granted to you and it fully depends on you how you will live it.  

Here in this article, we will consider a list of daily affirmations, most of which you may practice as daily morning affirmations. For me, the best time to practice is morning when I am still in bed not fully awakened up. 

I keep practicing daily affirmations for women and change them when notice that I truly believe that they worked for me and I completely live them.

Here is my list of some Daily spiritual affirmations

«I am grateful for all the good that I have»

Often we even do not think about the precious things that we have in our lives taking them for granted. Being grateful is a state of mind and soul and we need to be connected with these feelings. 

It is within our nature, it opens a door to our inner wisdom. Be grateful for your health, for your life, family, kids, your work, your passion.

«I am sincerely grateful for my amazing future»

Program your life trusting to yourself and the entire energy of the Universe. Imagine the life that you want to live, now, in one year, in five-ten years. 

However, do not just sit and wait when all these years pass. Make daily affirmations of positive thinking your new favorite habit and live the life with your fantastic future already today in your daily affirmations. 

Live the life you are dreaming of now, invite great events, opportunities into your life.

«I choose a life full of endless joy and gratitude»

Saying this you choose how you live. Leave your habit to complain or to find who is guilty about your issues. Do not wait time to find the reasons for your failure. 

Whatever you do choose to make it in joy and gratitude. It is a question of choice of how you react to the events happening in your life. 

Do not blame anybody, finally your reaction towards some event matters, not the event itself. Solutions are also there, just observe and notice them.

Your powerful daily affirmations

Daily motivational affirmations

Women may practice not only daily affirmations for women but also daily affirmations for men and daily affirmations for children. The reason why is because men and kids sometimes are not so consistent in such habits as powerful daily affirmations. 

However, through the heart and desire of a woman, men and children may also benefit from daily motivational affirmations and daily affirmations for success. 

«I am blessed to have excellent health»

Despite thinking that you have this and that disease, listening carefully, and trying to find a new weakness in your body practice this powerful daily affirmation.

You will be going out of your bed with an attitude of calmness and sure that you are as healthy as never. This will be a work for your mind but not only. From the emotional side try to feel the emotions that you are energized, feeling wholeness, and invulnerable feeling.

You may be grateful for the same for your husband and children. In our lives the most important is not what we think but what we feel and how we act.

“I will succeed”

Whatever I do I will succeed. Strongly believe in this. Attract good energy, flow, lucky chances.

Daily affirmations for success

“I attract success”

You need to say this daily affirmation and behave, feel like a person who attracts success.

Do not mix these feelings with hesitations and worries, leave them out of your space.

Be a magnet for success, everything that you touch becomes the gold. Repeat this affirmation until you truly feel you believe in this.

Daily affirmations of self-love 

“I have an unlimited source of love”

Love is within you, surrounds you and it will never end or be limited.

Look at nature, it has any kind of proof that it is true. Mountains and lakes, flowers and clouds, trees, and how we can think that the Creator has a limit of love for us?

You have an unlimited source of love, unlimited sour of energy to have all that you want.

Do not block yourself, on the contrary, say it within you, believe it, feel it with your heart.

“I love myself as I am, I am unique”

Do you think that you will love yourself when you get slimmer when you have a degree or 1K more followers on your social media page?

That will never happen. Simply because this is all external targets.

Love yourself today as you are. You are unique, nobody maybe you or repeat you.

Do not try to stay or become happy when you achieve a state of being of your successful friend or colleague. You have your journey, talents, and unique way to live your life to the fullest.

“I have a meaning for Universe”

“My existence is important”

“I give so much the good to this world”

Repeating this affirmation each morning and night, feel that you are free, calm, and grateful.

For more examples of daily affirmations, you may check on the web of one of my favourite authors of daily affirmations Louisa Hey.

Your powerful daily affirmations

How to make daily affirmations work for you?

  1. Write down affirmations from this article or think about other affirmations that will make the weak side of you stronger. Support yourself with powerful affirmations, create your list of daily affirmations.
  1. Practice them at least two times per day in the morning and at night. You do not need much time for your practice. Even 10-15 minutes can be enough.
  1. Before start work on your breathing, be in a state of now. Repeat daily affirmations believing in it and trusting with your soul.
  1. Keep a list of your daily affirmations close to you, you may save them in your notes on your mobile phone. Whenever you need them they will be waiting for you. Sometimes I am practicing them also in a car or on the plane.

Final thoughts

You may have as many daily affirmations as you wish in different spheres of your life. They will do a good job to make your targets closer, live better, and believes stronger.

Do not give up, be persistent, live the bright and sunny life you deserve. Each day happier and wealthier.

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