Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #12 – Simplicity of Life Logic!

This week’s habit is to understand, accept and use the simplicity of life logic. 

Investing in yourself in 30 new habits marathon means getting rich by new habits that will allow you to be balanced, harmonized, and successful in life. You will have a balanced life where you work with passion, take responsibility with readiness, have a rest when needed, not when you are exhausted.

Following my marathon you will be training and love sports, have a harmonized relationship with your close people. You will love yourself, take care of yourself – your spirit, body, and soul. There is also simplicity of life logic behind it. 

This week’s habit will allow us to understand, realize that we know much more than we think. 

We often ask for someone’s opinion (that can be wrong for us or our situation) because we think that we do not know the answer. In reality, we know and know-how, but it demands us to analyze a little bit more. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #12 – Simplicity of Life Logic!

All ingenious is simple

Let me give you an example from my situation from training. Sometimes ago when I started to play tennis I had a pain in a muscle near my knees which I felt after training. Mainly I felt it when I went down the stairs. Consultants that time told me that probably I had an issue with a knee joint. Discussing the point with my friend and fitness trainer we came to an opinion that it should be residual muscle tension. I have started to make after tennis a set of easy leg stretch exercises and I do not feel this pain anymore for years already. 

Imagine that being busy with healing joints I would have possibly refused from playing tennis. Because I would not be able to eliminate a reason for pain which were muscles, not joints.

That was two years ago. At the moment I have a muscle crick in my right arm, that is accumulated pain because I did not make a stretch right before and after tennis training. Why? Because I did not know that I should and that it has so much importance. 

Regarding the current pain in my arm, doctors said a few months ago that this is an issue with a joint. I took prescribed vitamins, creams, I made them all – in the end I had no result. 

It took me weeks to find the correct stretching position for muscle tension in my arm. But if right after stretching I feel much better, so that I immediately have relief, that means (according to a simple logic) this is not a join but muscles. 

This stretching discovery we may compare to our anger or irritation in life. If something annoys you or makes you angry, the simplicity of life logic tells us to eliminate the irritant factor. The same as to make muscles in a perfect shape you need to eliminate the irritant factor which is tension in this case. Do not talk to a person who makes you angry – start doing something else or talk to somebody else, if you do not want to hear a noise that irritates you, put on earphones. 

If you can not get rid physically of irritant factors change your way of perception – do not pay so much attention and switch yourself to positive thinking. 

In any case, you need to take action, do not wait to sink into your negative emotions or pains. As you see, knowing a simple logic you may even cure yourself and continue your wellness lifestyle. The most important thing is to find a reason and eliminate it. This is a simplicity of life logic, we may find thousands of examples everywhere. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #12 – Simplicity of Life Logic!

We stay there where our focus

We often are big fans of taking over control of a situation. I may notice that through my fitness and tennis training.

The simplicity of life logic is also to live in a flow, concentrate only on the things that need our concentration, not everywhere and not always. When you over controlling a situation we tired much faster and get a worse result. 

We need to play!  Treat your life as a game and you will get better results in everything you do. Think that we use this word quite often – play a game, play tennis, play a role. 

In my tennis training, I always control my movements, which bothers me. This week I switched my attention to the sound of a ball – amazing, that changed the game! 

I tried to switch my attention from control to something else and since I am a professional pianist in the past I decided to focus on sounds and they were telling me which hit was right and which was wrong. That allowed my body to stay free, movements became natural and smooth. 

Play your life! Try new ways and they will open you to new feelings and emotions! Make use of habit 12 of this week  – Simplicity of Life logic – Understanding the reasons and consequences, ways of correcting the things. 

Do not panic, use simple life logic. 

My wellness regards, 


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