Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #13 – Habit of Self-Love!

There are so many things to talk about when we touch on self-love topic. This week we will dive deep into Self-Love. So nice to love yourself! Yet not easy to know-how and then make it a constant habit. Have a few important tips below to turn it into a rule of your life. 

Good news – You have a lifelong subscription to a successful and happy life!

I believe all people who read a post about this habit are adults. That means being not children we forgot about something important. When we are born, we are granted to have a lifelong subscription to a successful and happy life. By the law of the Universe, all of us have it. 

But when we became kids and started to have more and more rules of adult life such as “Do not cry”, “Be strong”, “Do not demand”, “Be quiet”. Our state of happiness started to become less important than society’s demands. If you were a quiet kid who got good scores at school you had been considered to be a better kid with a good character. 

Teachers at school, parents, University. So many estimations, grades, assessments. All of these are not bad if not spoiling our happiness mark, which is the most important mark in our lives. Perception of life with its wonderful sun, wind, nature, birds, flowers, living now and hearing and seeing all this goodness. Unfortunately, we are too busy and too critical of ourselves to notice them. 

Besides we know everything “bad” that we need to change in ourselves, what are we unhappy with. The truth is that we are always concentrated on what we do not like, and in the presence of these thousands of critical thoughts there is no space for self-love.  

So having this automatic subscription for a happy life we use it very randomly. May we compare it with a membership to a fitness club where we have a membership card but visit it only two-three times per year, not using it at full with maximum joy and happiness?

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #13 – Habit of Self-Love!

Critic in our head

During our life, we feed a critic in our head that says to us that we are not good enough or totally bad at doing something. Or we are not beautiful, that is why so many women nowadays try to change their appearance – change noses, eyes, teeth, ears, not talking about hundreds of cosmetic operations on a body.  

This happens because we are not accepting ourselves as we are created. We love to be better because a critic is saying that if we change this or that we will become better. 

The question mark is for whom? 

This critic appeared in the past, he is coming from our childhood, behaving quite aggressively against us impolitely forgetting that we are feeding him. 

What is a solution? How to start self-love?

Create a Praiser. Each time you finish something good during the day or at the end of the day, a Praiser in your head should praise you for all big and small achievements. You made a nice dinner – praise yourself, you went to the gym – praise yourself because you did good for yourself, for your health. Do not wait for some special big event, life is made of thousands of small steps that will bring you to the stars.  

This may be anything! The most important for self-love is that a Praiser will be praising you for how nice and gorgeous you are.

After some time you will notice that a Critic’s voice is becoming less loud, your self-love and self-confidence will start to grow. 

Learn another great tip for Self Love!

For a long time when I choose something for myself, I looked for all options and then started to think and delete what I do not want. That was my way to have only one option left that I finally chose.  That was wrong!!!

Self-love means to always choose what you want. Immediately, not going over many alternatives that you do not want. This tip and rule should be for everything you do – while choosing your food at the restaurant, dress for a night, the mood in the morning (choose to be always happy), job, husband or wife.

You need to know what you exactly want, then stick to it no matter what. 

Do not allow things that you do not want to take over you. While you are thinking what you do not want you are sinking into wrong emotions that lead you to the wrong choice and further misleading actions. 

Do the opposite – Always choose what you want. 

This week I tried to practice this during my tennis training. Unbelievable how it works!!!

Amazing! I concentrated not on the actions that I need to improve (mistakes) but on what I want and it started to bring me joy and happiness because I simply could do that! Without any tension, that was joyful training with so many nice shots. 

Follow the above tips and practice self-love, make it a habit. Use your subscription to a successful and happy life full of self-love. It is yours, available throughout your life. 

Every moment of your life.

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