Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #23 – Accept abundance!

This week I continue to write about my experience of hiking in the mountains on weekends. But not only. Because this week I made my journey to the mountains together with friends and also with my son. That made a big difference. 

I am starting to understand that among dozens of advantages of mountain hikes, such as admiration for nature, the beauty of autumn’s colours, escape from the bustle of the city, physical activity, and body training, I have different insights. I learn how my body reacts and adjusts for a new load quite different from fitness and tennis. I understand and apply new correct hiking techniques. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #23 – Accept abundance!

For beginners like me, it is a must to buy specialized shoes, and I chose Salomon for their technology, stability, and comfort. Next is to get trekking poles and the right backpack. My choice was for the lightest trekking poles and the pack that locks on the belt and chest to eliminate pressure on knees when you go down the mountains. 

This week’s journey was to waterfalls. It was a light trip which took us four hours to get to the waterfall. My son and I decided to have only one backpack, and all day, he carried it, stating that I should not take anything heavy in his presence. 

I felt his care and the right attitude to ladies. Together we discovered beautiful sights around us. It is advisable to go hiking with your kids, do not think they are not ready for hiking activities no matter their age. On the other hand, they are more adaptive and energetic. Kids do not have pains like us and walk faster than us. 

When we finally reached the waterfall, my son immediately ran to it to get inside and touch the water. Not everyone does this, but we did after him and were so happy. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #23 – Accept abundance!

While looking at the top, I saw the beginning of the waterfall. In the clear blue sky, the waterfall sprays rushed down. It was magic and insight about abundance. Higher Power gave us a pure abundance. To all of us with no exception.  

Sometimes we struggle for something, hoping that we deserve it. That was a fantastic moment, an understanding of pure abundance; we do not need to struggle. All that we need is to take it!

Our limits are only in our heads; we believe that we need to work hard to receive something or feel love. Supreme power gives us everything, presents of all kinds; he pours them to us from the top-down as this water. 

The only thing that He leaves to us to do is to ACCEPT this abundance. Without any thoughts, fears, pains, reasoning. To accept it with LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Our new habit is to ACCEPT, not to deny. Accept abundance that is coming to our life from every side. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Love your life, feel and create only lovely things and let them surround you.

It is magic. This waterfall was, for me, a great example of abundance that Supreme power, Universe, or God shows us as a small example of what He offers to us – every day, all our life.

Live your life as a great reflection of His abundance. 

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