Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #22 – Expand your borders!

Invest in yourself, in your development, in your life – bright and fabulous! Expand your borders, go out of your daily life and have a new experience. 

This week’s new habit is about having a new hobby – hiking in the mountains. The city where I live – Almaty in Kazakhstan – is surrounded by mountains with vital positive energy, and we are fortunate to live in such a beautiful environment 

It takes only 30 minutes to get from the city center to the mountains. There are hundreds of different routes dedicated to beginners and professionals. 

A group of the other ten people and I made a fantastic 10 km hiking route with a hiking instructor. We walked through the grove and forests and climbed up to the top to get a final break near a big swing. 

Swing above mountains was a great experience where fear and joy stayed so close that I became out of breath.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #22 – Expand your borders!

What hiking gives to you

Except for an enormous portion of oxygen, breathtaking views of early autumn covered in the mountains, excellent company of like-minded people, we got an experience of having in our life something very different than our usual weekends.

Life can be so different from your ordinary one, and sometimes we even do not ponder about this. Get off your limits, do not think that something is not about you or for you. All limits are only in our heads; they do not exist in the universe until we attract this limited option from millions of possible super alternatives. 

Hiking gives you the silent freedom that mountains have, and this is an excellent prize above all. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #22 – Expand your borders!

How to get the best from your hiking experience

Recently I got a new fantastic device – the Garmin multisport watch. I chose the model Venu 2S because it has all the functions that I need and they are elegant and beautiful. 

I have spent a week discovering all functions from pulse rate, health condition check, and many other valuable parts.  I use and enjoy them now during my fitness and tennis training. 

I wore them also during my mountain hike. It allowed me to easily control my pulse zone and other essential criteria. That helped me a lot during hiking. 

To enjoy more and do not hurt your knee joints and not overload leg muscles, let yourself use the right backpack that supports you with the belt and trekking poles. 

We will continue our Saturday hobby with great enthusiasm and discover many other hiking routes in the mountains that surround us. 

September is a beautiful month full of many colours to see, especially in the mountains. I will continue to write about this hobby in September, getting and sharing new habits out of this experience. 

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