Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #4 – Connect with people!

Are you investing in yourself? Realize that you are the most important asset in your life! If you get new useful and effective habits your investments in yourself are growing.

What is my new habit this week? Imagine that you are widening the borders of a territory of your life and may connect with people you want! 

Nowadays technology and social media give us a fantastic opportunity to do that with ease. You may reach people from different countries but not only, because you may speak their languages as well or use a common one. 

This is what we exactly do right now. Knowing English allows us to understand each other, grow together and share knowledge. We need language to express our feelings and thoughts, to connect with other people. To connect with people even more you may speak their language. 

While learning a new language you will have new information on culture, because history and culture always influence a language. You will be respecting the traditions, history, and art. 

Speaking the local language will put you on another level when you are abroad, it will allow you to get connected with locals that may not know English. It will open the doors to create new friends, learn some facts that are unavailable for tourists that do not know a local language. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #4 – Connect with people!

It will boost your confidence and you will feel local in a country of a language. It will get out any barriers, making them disappear.  

I speak four languages – native Kazakh, English, Russian and Turkish. My new habit of this week is to start speaking Italian. 

I chose Italian due to many reasons – we have a lot of business relationships with Italy, have friends there. I like to travel and discover a different part of this beautiful country and culture. I love the sounds of Italian. 

Think – what is your choice? What language would you like to know and speak? It will train your brain and memory, the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, increasing its size. Yes, you need to train your brain as you do with muscles. It will help you to prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer’s in the future. Giving time to your brain to train also will improve your memory. 

Connecting with people via learning a new language will help you both personally and professionally. You will become even more multi-tasker, a better problem-solver, and a more creative person because you are playing with different new phrases and words. It has a WOW effect for you, isn’t it? So many reasons to start. 

Since I love to change (and this is a reason why I have started this marathon) I need to underline that learning a new language allows you to change and change faster. This happens since learning a language forces you to change your thinking.

A different language is a different vision of life. 

Federico Fellini

A sweet bonus is that it will increase your belief in yourself. I know how difficult it is to start and even more tough to continue learning. There are so many options to learn now online and offline. There are many cons and pros for all. What I believe in is that it should be easy, fun, and has a gamification way. This will help you not to break and leave. 

I had an experience two years ago to start learning a new language and when we arrived at grammar and homework that was the end of my inspiration. 

When you have business, family, kids, friends, sport, and hobbies it is becoming very obvious that you will put all your forces and strengths into everything but probably not in grammar…..

If you started but failed before it doesn’t mean that you are not good enough at learning languages or do not have time for that. That means you haven’t yet met an appropriate way to learn a new language.  

I am happy today because I found a way. I will share with you an App, now it will be easy for you to learn a language. It looks more like playing a game rather than learning a language. You may do that any time you want on your mobile phone. 

I have heard about this App from my daughter and this is the link for you as well, the App name is Duolingo.

I never liked to play any computer games. Now learning a language is a pure game for me. No homework, no big grammar books, or one hour of boring class. NO! We say Yes to 10 minutes per day when you are going to the office in a car or resting after your dinner at home. 

Duolingo makes me repeat words and phrases until I remember, from the first try I wrote and listened and understood Italian! This App controls each mistake and softly offers them again and again until I learn. I appreciate this systematic and easy approach.   

I tried and will keep learning every day choosing a time convenient for me! This is my habit #4, join me in learning languages and connecting with people! Hope to speak Italian at the end of the marathon if I do not finish all levels before.  

In our world more than 6 000 languages? Which one will you choose and when will you start? 

Ciao, Nazgul

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