Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #5 – Boost your confidence!

This week’s habit is to boost your and my confidence! Let me share my way. I have fitness three times per week. At the beginning of each training, I run about 1 km. If I look back, five years ago I was scared not even to run on a treadmill but to walk on it. Can you imagine?

This week I decided to boost my confidence further and run 5 km. That was advice from my friend (and the best trainer!). 

We always need to put a target and reach it. It will demand discipline. Often we may refuse from our aims because we are too relaxed to reach it or too lazy to start. But not only. Sometimes we are too strict with ourselves, we want everything to be in a perfect way.

My advice to you and myself in this marathon is to be flexible. Be careful – there is a fragile line here. I made this run. Now I know what I can do. What I did is the same distance of 5 km but I was flexible in speed. I controlled a situation using the heart rate monitor Polar. That means I wasn’t flexible to myself postponing or procrastinating. I was flexible in the process but still reached a target. Good for confidence and health. 

The most important thing after setting a target to take action! That will pay you off, boost your confidence and will guide you to the next target and level.

You need to evaluate your psycho  physical condition. Take into consideration how you feel. If you decided to train three times per week do not miss your training. If it is not a convenient day for you, change a day but do not mind, do not miss your training. That is a balance between discipline and flexibility. 

Now I have accumulated a training effect that allows me to have a new running experience. Because of fear we often prohibit ourselves even to try a new possibility or experience. Fear blocks our brain, we fall under its influence, freeze and refuse…. Refuse to love, to feel joy, to learn, to let do something new. To let it go…

Do the opposite, do good for yourself. Trust, make a step, choose your new reality. Do not lose opportunity which will lead you to your new life full of joy, happiness and confidence.

Best of life,


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