What type of people should surround you in your life?

We are human beings that every day having relations in a society. We are social.

80% of our attitude, emotions, and intentions are made from the people that surround us.

Character and thoughts of people in our environment enormously influence us.

Even if you would like to change your mind or habits but still in contact with the same people it would be hard to move on.

You will be going to start a new habit or challenge yourself but if your friends or family or colleague will have an opposite opinion then you will need not change only yourself but mentally fight against them as well. Too tough, isn’t it?

You will be stuck and at the beginning too weak to make big changes alone.

Here a few rules that will help you to make your change plan realistic.

#1 Be surrounded by optimistic people

What type of people should surround you in your life?

People that will support you with their brightness and positive thoughts.

All your changes will be seen through their optimistic glance.

They will help you to keep an optimistic fire in your heart and brain. They will support you to continue your journey.

#2 You need to have sincere and kind souls around

Sincere – that means they will have a sincere attitude towards you.

They will be choosing to sincerely hug you and say Bravo to your new lifestyle changes.

And you will need that. They will be carefully listening to you because for them your changes matter.

While sharing and explaining your thoughts to them you will be explaining also to yourself core ideas, small and big steps. That helps you to believe in your ideas.

What type of people should surround you in your life?

#3 People that already live the life you are choosing, a person that inspires you

They know how beautiful it is now, and how probably it was difficult at the beginning of their journey.

They may cheer you with their stories and will not let you give up early.

#4 Have a person that wish you the best and with whom you may share your success and difficulties

It can be a life coach or mentor.

Why not a member of a family or friend? Because they will try to support you but through their experience and perspective.

You need to have a clear light ahead to move to and once per week it is good to have sessions to continue your way to your success. You will be telling your actions and improvements made in a week and will get a checked plan for next week.

All other people that do not have those characteristics and who will try to spoil your courage are not the people that you need.

Cut with them. Seriously, cut the relations, do not spend time with them, do not discuss or share your thoughts and emotions.

Instead, find the environment and persons around that you want to be.

As simple as that, you need to change and the first thing you need to change is the environment.

If you can not cut for any reason the links with persons from your old previous life reduce the quantity of time you meet. You will see that you will start having a spare time that you will invest in your new habits.

I imagine you brilliantly shining in your new life, happy and joyful as you should be.  

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