How to live in flow?

We are living an intensive life in a quite demanding environment.

For sure we need to be very concentrated and focused while we need to implement sometimes five tasks at one time.

Respond to an urgent mail, actively listen to your kid, be supportive to your husband, make successful negotiations, be social, be beautiful.  

Twenty years ago life was much slower than now.

And the fact it will never change back.

Obviously You need to change

Did you notice around yourself some people who manage to do that all and they are balanced? Yes, they are existing and knowing some “secrets” you will be able to manage your life either.

Be concentrated on your task while doing. Have your wisdom work for you. 

When you are in a flow the right decisions will come out themselves. Sometimes you need to give time to make it solved by itself.

If you are balanced, not nervous, not under stress you will notice yourself how much healthier your decisions are.

The good way to take decisions naturally inflow is to have your fitness exercise, run.

For me, the only hour when I do not even can not think about anything else is to play tennis.

The only thing you can do while playing tennis is to watch the ball. Otherwise, even if you do perfectly all the technics you are going to miss it.

This is an exact living in NOW. After a pleasant still hard training hour suddenly you may find an easy solution to some of your questions or tasks.

Because your mind was free and you are getting this decision in a flow, not from your emotions or logic.

Another example is to have some new ideas, approaches, or thoughts when you take the shower. Why is it like this?

Because you are relaxing under the water and thoughts in a flow visit you.

These are the healthy one. I do not say right or wrong but they are from your unconscious part.

Believe in your nconscious part

You need to work out the ability, the brains the same way you develop your muscles in a gym.

Make your workout for your brain.

This is also the skill that becomes better and better when you practice.

How to live in flow?

It is the process of development, as we get more experienced in the gym, cooking, or our job.

Then why not invest time in your main strength for you?

My great suggestion is to stay kind ad patient with yourself. Do not judge yourself.

Instead, praise yourself. Love yourself.

Start meditating. Start from some simple steps – notice your breathing, observe nature and subjects that surround you. It will help you to live now at the moment.

How to live in flow?

People regret about the past, too much thinking and planning their future.

Now is the King. We need to live now, be in a flow of gorgeous that will never happen.

This very moment.

Go for this training. A lot of thoughts will be in your head when you start.

After a while, you will become more experienced and to stay in balance will become part of your life.

You will not be exaggerating anymore some issues, you will not regret or complain.

You will become free!

Freedom is our main value.

Love yourself with freedom using your potential to the fullest.

Be prepared for accepting thousands presents that life prepared for you.

Wishing you to dive deep into a fantastic journey starting from NOW.

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