3 reasons for Lifestyle changes vs. Dieting

How many times did you start your “new” life from Monday?

All months and years having a habit to have sweet drinks, smoking, chips in cinema.

And not only, but you also had been stressed that your skirt does not look perfect on you, kids do not want to go on the bed, stress on work due to deadlines.

And then suddenly from one Monday, you put yourself into another stress – you prohibited to you and your body food,  eating 1000 calories per day with carrots and beetroot salads.

I am not against vegetables for sure, but I am not for putting you in stress.

To have long-existing satisfying results that make you happy you need to implement your Lifestyle changes rather than dieting.

First reason

When you are on diet you are adding another big portion of stress to yourself.

Your slimming depends on the functioning of the thyroid. Stress produced by hormone cortisol has a direct influence on your thyroid. Cortisol stops your thyroid from working out your metabolism.

This is the reason why after losing the first 5-7 kilos it is so much hard to lose another 1 kg.

Your body is under stress and it is defending from your external attacks.

This very moment you are so tired and fed up with your diet and next evening you return to your habit to eat more than needed.

Do not exhaust yourself!

Instead of Dieting have a new Lifestyle change and habit to eat less portion of food than you used to.

Do not sit for a long time in the kitchen, take your meal with pleasure (1 plate) and quickly disappear from this room. Control quantity.

Second reason

The fundamental reason to go on a diet is to consume fewer calories.

Why not instead to start an effective Lifestyle habit to burn calories.

You need to have training that gives you “good” stress.

3 reasons for Lifestyle changes vs. Dieting

I am not talking about too much intensive training or exercise which fills you with an upper level of cortisol.

It is also the reason why after dropping 10 kg you gain again quickly them back after stopping exercises.

Do not make extreme choices regarding dieting, losing calories – make a long-lasting decision to keep exercising for your whole life, not just 30 days.

For this, you need to enjoy your exercise.

Do not punish yourself, instead of LOVE yourself.

Look how already beautiful you are, and you will be shining more and more each day changing your Lifestyle and getting healthy habits.

Third reason

While going and choosing to diet sometimes you go for different remedies basically to reduce cortisol. Don’t go that way.

Again, you are interfering with your system, your universe.

You need to change; you need to have the courage to change yourself and live life in full.

But make it mild smoothly and sensitively.

Only adjusting your meal program, you will get a tremendous result.  

3 reasons for Lifestyle changes vs. Dieting

That is another Lifestyle change.

Probably you never thought before what your meal program for a week will be.

Make a list of meals you enjoy, fruits and vegetables you like.

Try to keep as much as possible the products that originate from your geography.

After this make a list of what you will have for breakfasts, lunch, dinners.

Besides this list do not take anything else.

Anything else is not needed.

Watch out water consumption.

From drinks except for water you may drink herbal tea.

Intentionally I mentioned only 3 reasons. Because if they are 5 or 8 it will destruct your attention and make you think that they are too many to start and they will be difficult to manage.

Start with these three.

For me, any sharp restriction put us in a condition when we do not love ourselves, but we MUST do.

In the end, these 3-lifestyle change – not Dieting –  keep small portions of your meal plan and have at least 30 min of physical exercise bring you great results.

You can not keep Dieting your whole life, but you may keep these changes throughout your life.

And they will change your life.

Be consistent 30 days and they will become a part f you.

I know that you MAY do this.

With big love,


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