How to live a healthy life?

Did you notice how you differently feel after meetings with certain persons, on the events?

However, that all depends not on some people’s words to you but Your reaction to a certain case.

A miracle is that you may choose how to react – your ordinary way which your memory and brain immediately give you as a stable example of a completely new way.

1. To live a healthy life

you need to pay a lot of attention to your reactions, not to the opinion of people. Stay independent, do not allow yourself to deep dive into someone’s criticism or negative reaction to your action or words.

How to live a healthy life?

Firstly, because it is someone’s opinion which also has composed as a stable repeated reaction due to his own life experience which is not bad or good but not like yours. However, If it is like this why you need to pay so much attention to what they say to you? Above all, they may change one day their opinion, but you are sticking to this reaction thinking and sometimes remembering it for a day, week, year!!! Maybe you are offended, and this is already not healthy. How may it be hard to carry this load of another person’s experience on your shoulders…

2. Another fantastic method to live a healthy life

is not to wait for approval or praise from anybody. We do it so much often and probably that time does not do what we want but choosing other actions to get this praise. Think for a moment. In this case whose life you are living? How healthy such life can be if we do something to enjoy someone’s ego.  

3. Live your life with love for yourself

Do not think that you will love yourself when you will finish this diet, will run 10 km, or become slimmer. No, love yourself NOW. That will give you immediate thousands of sources to live a healthy and happy life.

Achieve whatever targets you put in front of you but with an inner sense of love.

4. Be yourself, be real

It is simply to say. It seems that you do not need it here to make any efforts. However, it is hard, I am still on this way, but it will pay us off.

Enjoy yourself as you are with all your talents, your best sides, your uniqueness.

How to live a healthy life?

You may praise yourself, not waiting for approval from others. Definitely you are not a document to be approved. You are born to live a healthy, joyful, successful life. Moreover, you are already like this.

Therefore, do not spoil this gorgeous cosmic plan thinking what another thinks of you.

Be as you are. In other words, do not pretend to be another person.

Did you realize what common features have the most famous and successful people?

Along with talent and hard work they are unique, they do not look or behave like anybody else.

Similarly, they deserve so much attention because they are true.

As you are.

Keep going your way, do not be afraid, never mind who may think what.

5. Another side of truth is not only about you

but also about people you care about and love.

Do not be idealistic and think that they do not have dark sides.

We are all human beings, even the brightest ones may have a lower mood someday.

Kindly understand this. Like that you may avoid unnecessary quarrels and hurt.

Be generous to yourself and others. That will give you are a huge presence of healthy relations.

Instead of thinking over the reaction or having a bad time for quarrel invest time to yourself.

Have a nice stroll, take your favorite book, watch a movie.

Switch your attention, in 10 minutes you will forget about this, it will fly away.

Live your life to the fullest!

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