8 tips to improve your day

It is very important how you start your day, how you start your morning and your wake up. It is so important because it will very much influence your results, your achievements, your mood of the day.

I would suggest after opening your eyes in the morning, just after your waking up moment do not stretch your arm to pick your mobile phone to start immediately reading and checking the emails, messages (as I did in the past as well), or going through social media content.

This is the biggest mistake. Why? Because we are immersing ourselves in the massive information over to somebody’s life, somebody’s moments, and having in our heads and thoughts someone’s thoughts. This is not the correct way to start your day.

I would share my tips which I tried and they worked for me. They are quite helping me, and I was trying different ways until I got them. I hope that you will find them useful as well.


First thing when you wake up in the morning you need to indulge yourself with water because you are waking up quite very much dehydrated since you slept about 8 hours but your organism and body didn’t stop working. After waking up please have a glass of water. Many times, I wanted to do these but I could afford to start my day with water when I got finally a nice simple habit.

If I put from the evening the bottle filled with water near my bed on the table I drink water in the morning. So, think about the start of your day the previous evening.
If you do so it would be quite easy to stretch your arm and find your bottle. Sit down and have nice water waiting for you (already room temperature) which is also an especially important factor for our health.


8 tips to improve your day

After these have your meditation time and this is your way to start your day. Care about your mind, your soul, and your body. There are so many meditations around. Do not be afraid of this word. You can have a different level and type of meditation even on YouTube so choose whatever you want to choose. I have started basically from the meditation about 15 minutes, now I am meditating  40 minutes to pumper my mind and soul and so I am quite focused to be happy, to be healthy, to be successful, to be balanced.


After this I also have another 10 to 15 minutes when I am having my gratitude for this day – gratitude, for now, gratitude for the future.
When you are making gratitude which is also a sort of meditation you may be grateful for your day. You have another amazing fantastic day before you and you have another 24 hours of life that you deserve. Live it as a fantastic day.

You may be grateful for yourself, your kids, your husband, your mood, oxygen that your breathing, food that you are having at your house. For everything and as much as you are grateful as much as the new fantastic amazing things will come more and more into your life. You start your day with the gratitude for present but not only. It is also about the future. Be grateful today for your future and create it. Make your future today the same as you have created your present with thoughts and actions that you did in the past.

You can have a gorgeous future and why not start to be grateful for this future today?

While having your gratitude think what you’re dreaming to have, what you would like to have in the future, and be grateful already today for these life gifts. Do not wait when the future comes. Consistently be grateful for the future that you want to have.

8 tips to improve your day


You see that already three tips happen in the morning and you can understand how important your morning start.

How to make your perfect day from the morning to the evening with simple eight tips?

Easy. Let us go ahead.

Have a good breakfast. What does it mean? Nothing complicated. You can have a toast with avocado and tomatoes, you can have some smoothie or nice fresh juice. You can have the food good for your body because your body will recognize that you are thinking about it.

For sure the same tip goes for lunch and dinner. 


The tip №5 is concerning water because water is very much important.  You need to drink, and you need to drink enough during the whole day to stay hydrated. To do so I also experienced different methods. The most successful one for me is when I am picking up the bottle of water with me everywhere. You need to have a glass of the water (200-250 ml) each hour.

Do not wait until you are thirsty because if you want to drink that means you’re already dehydrated.

Instead, every hour has a glass of water and if you do so you will also avoid drinking some unhealthy drinks with sugar, tea, coffee. Instead, you will be having a water.


We are coming to Tip number six. Find your time to have one hour for yourself to exercise.

Physical exercise is exceptionally good for your health, incredibly good for your mood.

Personally, today I prefer to have 20 minutes of gymnastic exercises that follow with 40 minutes on a treadmill jogging. Twice per week, I substitute my training with 1 hour of tennis.

Do not forget for sure to breathe because in the previous blog I shared with you the information about the importance of breathing, it will take you just 10 minutes.

Among 24 hours per day, you will have 1 hour of physical exercise, your body will be grateful for this and your daily results will be higher and bigger.


What I would suggest for tip number 7 is to do something to pamper yourself. So, something that you love to do – go for a massage. Plan it, otherwise, it will not happen today, tomorrow, and even next week. It is very much important to have it among your plans for a day. It is necessary to do like drinking water and making physical exercise. I am sure it will be your favorite tip because you will be doing something that you love to do. It is pleasant to plan it and simple to execute it.

All you need is to plan a time for it.


Tip number eight is it to invest in yourself and the biggest investment that you can do is to develop yourself. To have this development you need to have a habit to read the books, to write a journal.  You need to have or develop the habit of reading books, there are tons of different types of books. I like reading books which make me more efficient in something or books that gave me a better understanding of a topic. You need to have a source of new thoughts, new ideas. Today it is extremely easy to do because there are different kinds of Apps, audiobooks.

In a row, I keep reading paper books which give me a special feeling of touch.  

Add to your life new ways, develop, and create your future.

Think You, think Big and ENJOY the results

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