3 sources to improve your energy and health

The most precious resource for our health that we have is energy.

To have it and enjoy it does not mean just to have what we have.

But to have the best of our life we need to work over our energy level.

We need to act. We need to be consistent with that.

Just in 30 days, we may increase our level of energy.

What will be a result?

You will have a strong immune system, which means you will have less flue and colds, other diseases.

You will find joy in your life, you will simply have the energy to find, and enjoy small and big things.

To be this kind of Healthy person you need to systemize your approach towards your health.

And this is not just about dieting and exercising until you fall.


We say YES to the steps and methods that fills our cells with energy because our health depends on how is balanced our body. And it will drive us to healthy longevity.

Up to 20 years we use our energy at 100%.

From 20-40 less than 50%. After this period again twice less.

How people solve this obvious problem?

They take stimulators, the most common is coffee, energetic drinks.

But they give us temporary not real energy.

We need quality energy.

FIRST resource:

When we talk about health and energy everyone talks about nutrition, but nobody mentions the most important!

We need to have a healthy cell and not everything depends on nutrition.

Our body is healthy as far as our cells are healthy.

What do we need to keep cells healthy?

The correct answer is Oxygen!!!

This tightly links with our lymphatic system. How to move our lymph to flush out toxins?

The answer is through movement and deep breathing.

Breath in proportion 1:2 launces our lymphatic system.

Breathe in for 4 seconds, breathe out 8 seconds.

Practice 10 minutes per day within 1 month.

You need to be consistent in this to get the result.

SECOND resource:

We need to stress in a good sense our organism.

That will also increase our immune system.

This is physical exercise, fitness, wellness.

Choose what is close to you, what makes you happy, what makes you sweat the way you like it.

Jogging, running, maybe boxing, or cycling?? Choices, choices….))))

Here we need to admit that in all things we need to have a BALANCE.

An optimal approach does not be overwhelmed with the idea to become physically strong in one day.

The idea here to have an ideal, not heavy load. In this case, it will energize you.

This will allow you to increase the quantity of energy in your cells not depending on your age!

I want and wish you to age with great energy, amazing mood, with joy,

happiness and a great portion of love to yourself and the world!!!

THIRD resource:

Small changes in your nutrition also make miracles.

Avoid cruel dieting where you refuse from everything as an act of not Loving yourself.

Instead have a few simple rules in nutrition which allows me to keep 52 kg weight for 20 years in a row.

And I do not avoid sweets, bread, I eat all I want but keeping PERMANENTLY simple rules.

Keep in your daily meal fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast – if you want to have carbs, have them for breakfast, lunch – salad with pasta or vegetable meal.

3 sources to improve your energy and health

Dinner – protein and greens.

Due to my lifestyle, I have many trips and long dinners sometimes with 3-5 courses.

During the trips, I gain kilos. I cannot stay away from amazing Tiramisu in Italy or creamy delicious food in France.

Coming back home from day one I skip one meal, instead, drink water, or eat fruits.

Fewer calories, more movement, and voila I am again in my shape.

For your nutrition habits add healthy fats. They will allow you to increase your level of life energy.

You see all three resources are simple, affordable and your life will start change.

Energy is given to us for a certain task.

Energize your organism and execute tasks.

Order whatever you want and get it!

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