8 signs you are living well

We are living day by day, most of the time not analyzing but doing the things we are used to.

Get up in the morning, brushing our teeth, another cup of coffee, so many things and actions we are doing automatically not even planning or thinking over.

This happens because of those habits strongly influencing our daily life, then months and years, as a result, our whole life.

Let us take a step away and try to understand and see what makes us healthy, happy, and doing well in life.

After having them analyzed we have a chance to conclude what to have, what to throw.

We want to be healthy, and have joyful full of happiness life, don’t we?

Let us start.  

Sign 1 – You are enough, you are not feeling alone

Pay here great attention that this does not depend on the fact you married or not, single, or not.

This is the feeling that you are sufficient, you are not searching for someone to fill any kind of vacuum.

You are the essence of your life, if then you have someone, it should be 2 full cores linked together.  

Sign 2 – You care about your health and your health is caring about you

You do not have any severe chronic disease because if it is so, with your thoughts you are damaging your health. First thoughts, then the reaction of your body, only after that physical changes, consequently condition of our health.

So that checking your health you may understand everything, your thoughts, your reactions.

You have a sore throat – most probably we did not say something, and it stuck in your throat.

If you are a woman and you have pains in your left side – something is not balanced in your female side of the life, the right side – probably you hurt some man or you have something that makes you worry at work or business. Opposite sides are indications for men.

Sign 3 – You have a hobby in your life

Life in harmony cannot consist only of a WORK-HOME type of life. You are interested in doing or learning something else.

8 signs you are living well

If there is a point that you do not have time for your hobby or interests, or you are not interested in anything is not true. It is you who escape from it, hiding your inner self under responsibilities, uncountable tasks.

I know that because my life was consisting of different periods and circles, but don’t give up developing yourself, grow, only this way you will have a feeling that finally, you arrived at the living the life you dream and want. That time you will have time for everything and you will be in a balance as I am now.

Sign 4 – You are doing physical activity every day

Even better if you add exercise or sports 2 or 3 times per week.

Move your body and life.

Your body wants and asks to live to the fullest.

Of course, do something is better than doing nothing.

Insert in your life a part of physical activity first, have a stroll, it is already much better than to sit all day in your office chair or lie on a couch at home in the evening.

You will have proper blood circulation; oxygen will arrive at your cells and your life will start breathing.

Sign 5 – You have good relations with family, colleagues, society

If you have this sign that means you are going well in communications.

That does not mean you need to do everything for everybody but the skill to have friends and not spoil relations which may be deep, or light is the fact that you are an amazing person.

It also means that back to you they will be caring, thinking about you, support you.

8 signs you are living well

Tip to have it – accept all people as they are – with their mood, character. Try not to judge.

You never know the reasons that stay behind their behavior. Maybe the roots go to their childhood or simply bad mood of today which became out of their control.

Let it go, be an observer in your life, do not interfere much in a flow of life.

Instead, have your energy for your needs that bring you happiness and joy.

Sign 6 – You are financially strong

Financial issue does not disturb you much.

The abundance is everywhere, there are no limits.

Find your way, your passion. If you do whatever you do with passion, executing your dreams, being proactive in your area, you will have fruits.

This is for sure. If you want to earn, you should invest your passion, strength, knowledge to your business and it will go on.  

Not somebody but we limit ourselves.

Be brave, dream, work hard, get the results.

Sign 7 – You have signs that all you want comes to your life

You meet people you need, receive the presents you want.

That all is about not doing anything but ALLOWANCE to possess it.

This comes from inner readiness and feeling that you already have it.

You are ready to receive it; you are sure that it will come to you.

Do not think HOW I get it? Leave it for a higher power. It will happen probably the way that you did not expect.

Sign 8 – You feel gratitude for everything you have in your life

Probably it should be sign number one, you live well and right way if you are grateful.

First times it is even hard to understand and realize what I should be grateful for? Here comes the thought – I am having a normal and ordinary life.

Be grateful for everything you have. For a good night’s sleep, for another NEW day, for your husband, for your parents, for even many little things that make your life comfortable.

Practicing gratitude, you will notice that it will start coming from the deeper inner side of you.

You will have a big bonus for your gratitude – you will start experiencing many more things for what you will be more grateful for.

This is amazing!!!

I am grateful for your reading and wish you are having a fantastic life which will become even more fascinating. Since we know – there are no limits.

With great love,


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