What lifestyle do you wish to live in?

Probably the answer should be healthy and well)

And it is possible.

We all have different days and periods in life, let us see how to stay well in both periods. As zebra has black and white stripes and still feels happy, we also may easily manage whatever life brings us.

Sometimes you may feel down because of work, money, relations but if you accept that all this happens outside and that changing from inside you may change all the world’s attitude, first of all, you will quit blaming somebody in your issues.

All goods or bad that we have we first created in our minds and thoughts and only after that we received it in our real life. We do not need to struggle to change the situations.

Try to change your inner self

We need to be happy at our core, we need to be balanced and stable. We need to stay true to ourselves.

If still, we already have some negative situations in our life do not run around or scream too much.

What lifestyle do you wish to live in?

Everything will pass – beautiful moments and negative sides. Remember to yourself that Everything will pass. Do not panic too much, ask yourself will it be important to you after one year? If NO – forget about it. You are investing too many emotions and strength to non-important things in even short-term perspectives.

If the answer is Yes – Do not try to stop the hurricane. Instead, сalm down. It will pass.

If you do not interfere, it will solve by itself.

A white strip of zebra is our light days which we will try to make bright days now.

You need to decide what do you want to have in your life.

Make a list of everything you would love to have. Take your time, be precise.

What lifestyle do you wish to live in?

The most important that everything you write should be true, it should inspire you.

Do not be shy, make a list refusing to listen to your inner critic.  

Divide the list for several sections:

Carrier – what kind of job or business you are passionate to have. 

Finance – what is your estimation per year, how much do you want to earn and have in 5 – 10 years

Health – how do you feel about your health, how healthy you choose to be.

How will you know that you are healthy – you run 10 km, you will be able to do the splits.

Make and write your exact criteria.

Hobbies – here we are with our interests, it may be painting, reading, dancing, singing.

Probably something that you thought or wish to be able to do in your childhood but did not try.

Family or relations – What kind of relations do you wish to have, what attitude towards You in your family or in free relations you suppose to have. 

Personal growth – write down the areas that will allow you to develop yourself – books, seminars, practices

Entertainment – we will not forget that we need to entertain ourselves in life – travel, going to the cinema, clubs write here whatever makes you happy while enjoying the life or socializing.

When you finish this the most important task in your life, read again.

This is the Healthiest and Well-balanced Lifestyle tailored made for you.

You know better yourself than anybody else.

You are the author of your life. Do not allow to interfere with anybody into your masterpiece.

Throw away everything that is not from your list – weak or toxic relations, bad habits for your health, people, or affairs that consume your time but do not give back anything to you personally.   

The amazing fact is that you may let your life change. You even do not need to ask allowance from anybody, you simply do not need it. You are enough.

The changes will start appearing upon your readiness to change

First, you wrote what you would like to have. Without realizing it nothing will happen.

The second you need to be and feel ready for changes.

The third is the execution. Follow your heart, do not let be lazy or come back to your previous habits.  

Step by step you will realize in one year that you are a completely another person.

You will be happy about that. I will be happy for you.

So, answer the question What lifestyle do you wish to live?

Start doing your work out on this Number One question in your life.

Big hugs


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