Choose a new hobby – learn a sport!

You are living a comfortable life? Your lifestyle is set up?

Opposite to the logic, it is not a good sign. Make uncomfortable your new comfort zone.

It will be your new experience. New challenge.

Challenge yourself

Start moving again towards a new habit. Choose a new hobby. Today we will talk about leaning a new sport.

We are not going to be a professional with big muscles. They do that because it is not their lifestyle, this is their profession, they earn with this.

As for us, we need to make it as a new hobby.

Let us choose as an example of Running. Why? Because it is the most simple and easy way to start, you do not need to buy a bike, ski, skate, etc.

You already have everything. Probably I would suggest investing in a good running shoe.

It will be uncomfortable to start. You will have dozens of excuses – I am tired, not today, I will start tomorrow, I am weak to start, I am sick, where I will run, what time…

You need to think that you are facing a new way of your life that will never be the same because you will break your limits, you will reveal your strength and each day you will become stronger and stronger. Start today, no more excuses, you are strong!

For sure you may say that you may start moving from any common physical activity and you are completely right because something is better than nothing.

Ideally, you should have physical activity every day and aerobic exercise and resistance exercise twice or 3 times per week.

Choose a new hobby – learn a sport!

You will see soon that your life will be changing, you will change.

Feel tired of the sport, not from your laziness!

Sitting all day is bad for your health, you may compensate for it with physical activity or better exercise in a gym or doing any sport.  

Your new hobby will boost your immune system.

Besides your body will get another shape that you will like.

Quantity and shape of our muscles depend on our daily activity. You walk, lift something from the floor, grab bags from the shelf. And your body reacts to this demand giving you the number of muscles needed for this action.

If you start the train immediately our body will recognize that there is more need than usual

and will respond to the number of muscles needed for a new task.

Why not give a little be more orders for our bodies?

If you run in the park, stadium, or on a treadmill you will have more muscles to implement these actions.

If you stop you may lose them in around two weeks. But you will gain them again when you start.

Here we are to realize how responsive our body for our wishes and intentions.

Training may be hard, it may be painful, but this is the way we change

Change always needs demand and commitment, and you will deserve a prize only if you work hard.

My daily experience is physical activity, fitness, tennis, stretching.

I have 30 minutes of stretching and then another 30 minutes jogging and running on a treadmill. This what I am doing every day. Twice a week I play tennis in the summertime.

Why stretching? Because your flexibility level is an indicator of your health.

Choose a new hobby – learn a sport!

Look at babies, they are easily making all stretch exercises, nobody taught them, they are making it naturally because we, human beings, are born like this. Over the years having a sedentary lifestyle we are becoming not an elastic rubber but real stones that cannot stretch or be flexible.

Try different ways of training, that will allow you to better understand yourself.

Be an owner of your life, create your lifestyle, draw it from scratch.

You will have an amazing journey because the hardest but interesting fact about learning a new sport or start exercising is a process. Each day you will have a prize – victory of becoming stronger.

Exercise gives you another big bonus – it will fly away from your mental stress, you will have a clear free mind. Thus, you will make the right decisions which are sometimes impossible when you feel under pressure.

Are you ready to choose and learn? Never late!

Your wellness lifestyle coach,


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