How not give up your training?

Often, we give up even before we start. More often after the first, second time, we had been training.

Because we are in an extremely uncomfortable zone for us.

You need to change the pleasure of adventure.

Pleasure is always pleasant, but it will not be giving you a sense of change.

While training finds some sweet factor to enjoy.

Yes, it is hard, sometimes painful but only this way you will not be the same again.

You train not only your muscles but the mind

When I am at the edge of giving up I am thinking that this takes only 10 minutes more to survive and the rest 23 hours I will not come back to this. But executing these 10 minutes I will feel I did my best today with my body, I did something particularly good for myself.

This is the sweet side of hard work.

How not give up your training?

Change your thoughts of tolerance to something bigger to think and enjoy.

Another rule does not exhaust yourself, feel yourself.

Otherwise, you are at high risk not to return in one day to your training.

You need still to enjoy your adventure.

After some training, you will start noticing that you have a new feeling in your body.

Your movements will start to change. Your body will start to be used for this exercise.

You are starting to make a new healthy habit. Bravo!!!

This is what we wanted.

The biggest mistake is to overload yourself on the first day. You are too much tuned to do a great job that you are devoting 2-3 hours and feel a victory?

But often you do not come back.

Be moderate.

Make your one day a day

Number One

Think of victory, of prize that you will have.

How not give up your training?

It may change your body shape, change of your mind, your freedom.

Walk, then run, then run faster.

Adventure and challenge will be with you all your way. All your life.

When you will reach your first target when you will be used to a load, put another target.

Before I wonder with my trainer where is the end of the target, when you are fit, healthy, live a complete wellness lifestyle. Having conversation and reflection on this we arrive at the point that there is no end, it will last always.

You need to give your body and mind new tasks

The hard work during your day one, in one year, again will be new hard work.

With a new start, new targets. This is your way.

To reach it finds on the way sweet sides for you.

Try to enjoy your adventure, motivate yourself.

Now I started to watch a motivational running video when I am on a treadmill.

I am watching the great athletes, ordinary people that love to run.

All of them suffering but never give up.

Your brain will try to limit you bringing back to your past previous life.

It will say to you: No, it is too early, better to sleep.

Not today, my fitness clothes are not ready.

Believe in my experience I had them all before I started to exercise regularly.

If you are strong enough to put your training shoes on, you will have the greatest experience in your life when you are against not from someone but Yourself.

Because your enemy in this case you, teach him, struggle with him.

The prize will be a new life which never will be the same

You are on a path when you choose to live the life that is always the same or to go another way which will help you to reveal the best of you?

Work hard and always realize where you are going. This is the combination that drives you to success. Train, improve, set goals, train again.

While training lives now, feel your body, feel your breathing. You have a chance to do this only while training because here you are in synergy with your body. You are not attracted by anything else. There is You and You.

Tip – while running have a deep breathing which is so important for our health.

Thus, you may have 2 in 1 advantage, right training, and right breathing.

We have simple things to do and may enjoy even training hard. 

Start training, do not give up!

Praise is ahead!

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