How to increase self-confidence?

Why it is important to increase your self-confidence and how it may change your life.

We are often a captive of our past thoughts about ourselves. We behave, react the same way we did one year ago, yesterday. Well, in this case, we live in autopilot.

We need to stop and realize the reasons why. As human beings, we need to protect ourselves. Before ancient people needed this to be safe from severe nature or danger from wild animals.

We cannot live without this, but we need to take control of our thoughts.

Because there is no something as thousands of years ago that may extremely hurt us.

There is no need for such protection nowadays.

To make this happen we will learn to increase our confidence.

Even doing this step you may change your life at different levels – your relationship with people and the world will become happier, you will be more successful in business and negotiations, you will be full of joy.

You will be confident in your life.

You will become the owner of your life

Nobody may interfere and say to you how to live YOUR life.

Let me share with you a method that helped me to increase my confidence through meditation.

It is not that difficult as you may realize. Meditation itself arises many question marks when someone starts doing it.

How to do? What is this? Why do I need it? What if I am not able to practice it? What if….

A lot of questions even before you start.

Let us consider today a meditation that will help you increase your confidence.

Have space where you may spend some time alone.

How to increase self-confidence?

Have a comfortable position sitting or laying down.

Better to have a darker room or you may put something on your eyes in order not to be disturbed by light.

Have your arms and legs free without crossbreeding.

Now we may start

Breath deeply and slowly, notice how you do it.

If you have any thoughts just let them go but not follow them, let them be.

Imagine energy coming from the earth going from toes of your feet up to the top of your head filling all your cells. Do not hurry.

Take your time it should go all over your body. You are filling your body with earth energy.

Feel the density, color, aroma of this energy. Your body will become heavy and relaxed.

Keep breathing.

Now from the top of your head down fill your body with the energy of light. The white color will fill your body from your head to toes.

These two energies will mix inside your body charging you.

The same as machines we need to charge our bodies with good and positive energy. Breathe it in, breathe out negative energy that you may have in your body, you do not need it.

Take your time.

Now, remember the occasion in your life when you were enormously proud of yourself. Imagine how it happened, picture it, feel it. Make it big. Feel what you felt at that time. Make the feeling strong.

Take your time for this. Use your imagination because imagination works with our unconscious. And now we need to work with it since the unconscious will change your life.

Name your feeling with any word that you choose.

Be grateful to your unconscious for helping you.

Smile, breath, slowly count from 1 to 5, when you are ready to finish, open your eyes.

You may go or refer to any person or pro and they may help you for sure.

But the most important person in your life is you. Nobody but you know better yourself than anybody else.  

Next time in any situation when you need confidence remember yourself this word that you choose and feeling inside. This is the moment that you will start changing.

Make everything possible in your life

How to increase self-confidence?

Enjoy your life.

You do not need the past. It is easier to forget it than always remember and carry the past on your shoulders.

Live now.

Be confident.

Build your future life the way you like.

I wish with great pleasure and hope that it will help you.                                                                          

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