How to be always happy?

We would like to be always happy. Some people know a few know-how. We study and learn different subjects and specializations. 

What we do not study is the principles and foundation of life. How does a whole system work? Where do we take the energy of life? How to be always happy? All of us want to be happy and healthy, than wealthy and successful.

It is very good to have a wellness lifestyle – fitness training, balanced nutrition, quality enough hours of sleep, and harmonized emotional feelings. 

If you have all this that means that you are already a winner from the point of organizing your wellness lifestyle. This article will go deeper than a picture of external wellbeing.

What happens if you still sometimes feel a vague feeling of anxiety or doubts that you need to have or make something else or something more. How to feel a constant feeling of happiness?

In the previous article, it was mentioned as a first point that we are born to be happy. Fundamentally to be always happy you need to make two accepting. 

how to live happy life

1. Practice Gratitude 

Feel Gratitude for your parents that gave you birth. If you were lucky to be born in a family where parents loved you, it gave you all possible to make you happy in your childhood, that means you are already luckier than many other people in the world and should be even more grateful for your parents. 

If not any way you should be grateful for your parents. Without them, you would have not existed. How to practice gratitude? Make this in form of meditation, imagine your parents and say your gratitude to them. 

You are a unique soul with the genes of your parents. Practice gratitude for them and after you should realize and accept that you are a unique soul and spirit. 

You need to separate spiritually from your parents with great gratitude for them. You need to join someone, you are not alone, but this is not your parents. 

Who is this that may supply you with endless Love and Happiness? I believe this is a Creator that created your soul and spirit and then shaped them into your body.

The creator that builds everything in the Universe and Universe itself including our planet and all people, animals, and all others. Scientists prove that they discover laws but they didn’t create them. 

how to be happy always

2. You need to join Higher power 

You may call it Universe, Creator, God – you may name it as you accept. The most important is to come back and trust your life to the Creator (in this article let us name it like that). 

Yes, probably you are so strong, organized and everything is under your tight control. But this is the time to join the Creator, otherwise, something great will be always missing.

This missing something will be holding you from your entire happiness. Make this joining via meditation – talk to him, say that you came back, that you trust, hand over your life, and ask Him to direct you. 

That is not all. Listen and you will be the happiest person if you may hear back His words that He loves you FOREVER. No need to fight for His love or work for this happiness, it already exists for you, ready to be taken. 

I will be very happy for you if you could live this moment, feel it and entrust your life to the Creator. This is a fundamental knowledge of life that will direct you to a whole love and happiness. 

The point is that before you did not know about this foundation which is the basement of your life. How may you drive a car if you do not know how to do it?

Happiness is in finding and achieving goals – first of all, try to achieve two above described stages of internal wellbeing. 

You may be happy with or without it but a big difference is that you will see your life from a different angle, will be saving a lot of energy that leaks away because you are trying to make everything alone with a big strength and pressure.

how to get happiness

If you can make it you do not need any psychologists since you anyway know yourself better than any person in the world, even a qualified professional. 

When you feel anxiety one sentence may calm you down – somebody from above will tell you: I love you! You are mine forever!

That will fill your soul with great warmth and calmness. It will allow you to experience a state of happiness no matter what you are doing and where you are. 

You will feel that you are never alone. I know this because I lived this experience recently and would like you to be able to feel it. Take out your internal control and surrender. You will become a great winner. 

Wishing you to be a happy winner in your life,


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