What are 10 truths everyone should accept in life?

This article aims to be able to live your life to the fullest. You may argue, refuse or doubt but there are truths in life that you need to accept to reply to a very important question – How to live your best life? We will consider here 10 truths even though they are quite more. What is the best life to live? How to live life?

Simple at the same time hard question because this is probably the most important question to ask yourself. If you refuse to think about it you have a chance to live as a mad squirrel that is running here and there. Every day, every year the same route and routine, and nothing will change. Simply because you do not know or accept truths or laws of life.

how to live a better life

1. You must be Happy

The first and main truth in life that you are born to be happy. We may consider a lot of targets, super aims, higher spiritual topics  – but you must remember that after all you just need to be happy. And all of them don’t mean anything if you are not happy. 

You need to be happy everywhere – at home, at work, with friends, staying alone with yourself, while travelling, dancing. Do whatever you do with inner happiness. We put targets after targets, deadlines. This is not bad. We are not monks in the mountains. We are ambitious in a good, non-egoistic sense. However, YOU MUST BE HAPPY to enjoy your life living the best life.

2. You don’t owe anyone anything

You do not owe anyone anything, even to yourself. Those are only decisions but not pure obligations to make something for someone. 

You must not. The only thing you need to accept is this simple and hard to understand truth, it will allow you to reply how to live your best life. It will give you a chance to look at your life from a different angle and perspective.

3. Move in a flow

You have your energy of movements and actions. Add the speed of the flow to your own and you will achieve the result in a quicker, easier, and more effective way. Most probably even not the way you thought or predict. 

How to understand that you are in a flow? You just thought about somebody and he calls you. You leave for a moment an issue and the answer arrives from somebody else or it became self- solved. 

The opposite way that you are not in a flow you may understand if you want strongly to make something and many obstacles interfere your intentions. 

At that moment you need to stop and think if it is the right way and choice for you? Is it your target or someone else? Most probably you do not need to knock on this door, instead, try to open another one that is waiting for you. More about the topic of how to live in flow you may learn here.

how to live the best life

4. Allow yourself to feel your feelings

Do it as you did when you were a child. Try to remember and implement feelings again in your adult life – a life full of logic, knowledge, experience. Try to feel a bright smell of fruit, enjoy your dinner without holding your phone. Concentrate, focus your attention on your feelings. 

Walking in nature focus on air, birds, and trees. It will help you to live your life to the fullest. Living the best life means to feel the joy of life, feel your feelings deep inside with its full strength.

5. Be Free

Free your mind from repeating knowledge that you have and intrusive thoughts. Concentrate on the action and do not resist, just let it be and go the other way. 

For me, this example ideally works when I play tennis. No need to think about perfect technic or watch the court. Just be in. Be in a game. Free your mind and that would be completely another game. 

You will feel the difference in the quality of your life that will change step by step. Moreover, you will feel that you are becoming strong and you do not depend on your thoughts and also from somebody’s opinion as well. 

These truths demand hard work on yourself but you will be the winner, a great winner of your own life. Do not stop or leave it, work over and over again. A big help for you may be gratitude, read more about this and meditation.

6. Stop fussing

You know a principle of Pareto. In short, 20% of the efforts give 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the efforts – only 20% of the result.

Accept the truth  – stop fussing. Make this 20% of important efforts very effective for you and result making, other 80% of your time watch yourself. Observe, learn and improve.

how to live life

7. How to live your best life? DREAM

Life without dreams is a life that is going on according to somebody’s goals, not yours. To dream or not? Should I even waste time on that? 

Sure, you must. Because a dream is something that you want to have and achieve. After having your dream you need to set a goal. Then divide this goal into steps and make them done one by one. Your dream will come true.  

One important tip here – think and perceive your dream as it already happened. Your brain will be perceiving it as accomplished action and that will make your dream closer.

8. Trust your intuition

Your unconscious knows everything, it finds the best way and choice among thousands. What we need is to hear and trust our intuition. We forget about this and we hear only arguments of our logic. 

Instead, develop a habit to hear the voice of the unconscious, choose what it says to you, and trust.

9. Have the freedom of choice

To have freedom means to know what you want. Funny fact that many people do not know what they want. It is very hard for them to choose, finally, someone make a choice instead of them. 

You have the freedom of choice. All the time choices are far more than you see. Be able to observe lots of choices, have your freedom to choose the most right one for you and your situation. It will save you from mistakes.

10. In your life responsible person is YOU

How to live life? You must live a life with full responsibility for your life. Take this responsibility, do not blame anybody for any occasion that happened to you. 

Be brave and honest enough to say to yourself that all good or bad you created yourself. Analyze, realize, repeat if you are satisfied, change if not. How to live your best life? What do you think you may add to this list based on your life experience?

Wishing you the best life full of joy,
Be happy more than ever!


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