How to keep love alive? Four seasons of love

Everyone wants a long-lasting relationship. What are the secrets to a healthy and lasting relationship? How to keep the love alive? How to keep a relationship fresh?

First of all, a feeling of love between two people is pure chemistry, without it, love can’t be born. This is the start of a relationship, the first chapter of a new love story. Keeping the love alive requires the energy and willingness of both sides throughout every stage of your love. 

I would not agree with the opinion that two people are half of one whole. No, they are two separate souls which need to find ways to stay together for a long time keeping love alive. 

Let us consider a case where you met your love and would like to stay together for a whole life. We are not discussing here light and quick relationship but the ones that lead to a marriage and we will see how to keep the love alive.

how to save love

Spring  – blooming relationship

This is the first stage of a relationship when a couple is just excited to be together. The feelings start to grow like tulips in spring. At this stage, nobody thinks about how to keep love fresh because it is fresh.

Fragile, gentle, beautiful. They discover each other noticing only amazing sides. Long-lasting couples go further.

Summer – colourful bouquet of love

Knowing each other a couple of transfers to the “summer” period of joy, enjoying attitude, character and they may have wonderful days full of happiness if they know-how. The key to a long-lasting relationship is to respect borders not demanding full time and attention. 

At this period also good to discover and know the habits and interests of your love. Do not put as a priority only things you love to receive or do. You are not alone anymore, take this already as a big present.   

Understand and take into account what he loves, what are not topics of his interests. A long-lasting relationship will require here to find a common point of interest and hobbies. 

Maybe you are going to be a sporty couple or your common interest is visiting the cinema, theatres or museums. Probably you are a gourmet couple and enjoy discovering new restaurants and food? 

Do not bother him to repeat several times the same things that annoy him, be attentive to his words, requests and make outputs quickly.  Be flexible to change. Long-term relationship advice is to TRUST your loved one. 

Remember that you can not trust anybody if you do not trust yourself and the world. Love needs trust, work over yourself, and trust also in your loved one. 

Harmonized and balanced relationship is a secret to a lasting relationship. You will never be the same because you are from different gender, ages, have a different natal chart, composed of different genes and parenting. 

Learn to stay in harmony together, for that you need to change yourself not your loved one. Do not demand to change his behaviour and attitude immediately, you should know that this takes time, that will not be quick. Be patient.

Autumn – true love

How to keep the love alive in marriage or living together? Be prepared not to wait only for exciting weekends but also simple weekdays. However, do not allow love to run away because of everyday life and trials. 

Behave the way that your love is waiting for you not because he demands but because you would like to make your loved one happy. This will help you to keep love alive in a relationship.

A secret to a lasting marriage is to do everything sincerely from the depth of your heart, sometimes not only the way you prefer, follow the person that you fell in love with one day a long time ago. 

Another way to keep love alive is to make surprises. To do something out of the box. If he used to see you at home in home clothes, go out dressing up for a romantic dinner. Be ready to invent something new to keep your relationship fresh. A couple needs to stay for each other as an unread book.

secrets of long love

Winter – mature love

Now it is the period when you know each other pretty well and probably you already have kids. You may read more about parenting here:

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Make your man/woman the most lovable person for you even when you get kids. Naturally, every woman dedicates most of the time to a tiny newborn but anyway be smart and strong enough to understand that your loved one is the most important person for you after yourself, not your kids. 

This is a great secret to a lasting marriage. Your kid will not disappear if you dedicate a little bit less time but you risk losing your main big love if you do not dedicate enough time to it. Support from both sides to love is a must. It is work and it is not easy. It demands efforts from both sides. 

Your kids will be happier in the future if they live in an environment full of the love of their parents. 

Another secret to lasting marriage – man needs to treat his woman as the most desirable woman in the world. Women should stay a beautiful woman no matter how tired she is. 

If you pass these four seasons and will be able to still see love in his eyes that means you know how to keep the love alive.

You will have the greatest award – a life full of love, joy, happiness. Life is full of amazing moments filled with love – the most beautiful feeling in the world.  

Wishing you the greatest love in your life! Keep your love alive! Love can be different – strong, gentle, as a hurricane, as summer rain. Have this all and enjoy!

Big hugs from Nazgul Wellness Lifestyle!

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