Project: Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon

In this post, I would like to write about a great project which I am going to start on my blog. That is about a 30 weeks marathon that we will spend investing in ourselves.

I promise I will be sincere with you and will write what will be difficult for me and will share with you my thoughts and ideas, insights, and inspiration.

We will discuss on these pages how I and you will change. I will issue one post per week (that is why there will be 30 new posts with 30 new habits as per the number of weeks in one year) and I swear we will never be the same after this year full of challenges.

Each week a post will be dedicated to one new habit that I will implement in my life. We know that to adopt a new habit to our life we need 21 days of living this habit. So we keep repeating a new habit for 21 days and further BUT I call it a 30 new habits marathon because we will not wait until 21 days pass. Each week we will add 1 new habit to our life.

Join, stay with me, even in the half or at the end of a marathon, any way you will enjoy how your life will be changing.
I feel that this will be a great year of CHANGE, and the reason I decided to share this with you is the fact that what I love most of all in my life is to CHANGE and develop.

Project: Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon

I want you to make changes in your life as well since the old habits that hold us back need to be forgotten and since nothing can stay empty we will fill the space with new joyful, useful, and effective habits that let us grow.

Stay with me and invest in yourself. We often invest in anything possible but just think that the greatest investments are in yourself. They are always with you. You may bring new habits inside you everywhere you want – to the event, to your new house, to a sport, to your work. Everywhere they are useful! Isn’t it amazing?

This idea arrived at me on March, 14th in the morning when I was nearly awake. I understood that all I wrote and shared before (and this is a post №30 in my blog) had been all about habits developed in the past and I didn’t write a word about how I had been changing and shared the facts. They are all 100% true since I lived them, and grew up within 46 years of my life.

That was a result of constant work, development, change, falls, and rising again, a way to the life that I live now with my family, business, and Me in the center of my life. That was a journey when sometimes life seems hopeless.
March 14th is the day when a new moon was born, when the new spring has started, the day when this vision arrived and we will start a new journey.

This day I followed a call of a soul that I should share with the world the thing that I do the best – to grow inside and to share this growth. That is why we will have 30 weeks together, 1 year of change. And now I want to develop new habits together with you sharing how I am living them, what scares me, why I enjoy and what helps me not to give up.

I want to inspire you, to infect you with the desire to be a new person. I know that we will step into a new spring 2022 as new YOU and ME.

I ask you to share your thoughts, write your comments, share this project with your friends, let us be thinking aloud about our new habits.

Good luck to all of us with our new adventure that will start next week very soon!
This is Nazgul and you are reading the Nazgul Lifestyle blog.

Always with you 😊

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