How to stay happy and well in relationship?

To live a healthy lifestyle and feel well depends on your choices.

What I will eat, in which way I like to exercise, how many hours I need to sleep today?

How successful I am at my work? How I may reduce stress and increase victory moments?

These questions need to be answered by you because you are a producer of your life not an actor, spectator, or visitor.

And these all should be very thoughtful, carefully selected answers not randomly made by chance or on the way.

Because you need to drive on Ferrari your life at maximum speed with the freedom to live, to drive the direction you want and finally be at places you would like to stay.

Here the question. With whom you are making this amazing trip?

For sure you are not alone. There is somebody next to your seat.

One day chose him. Your true man. Yes! If he is not like this, you need to change.

Because our lives depend full on our choices and your man should be perfectly tuned with you. You deserve to have respectful, trustful, happy relations.

How to check if you are in the right way:

1. You can be truly yourself with him

Whether you are full of joy or want to sit down calmly reading a book.

Shine at the event or stay in a comfortable home clothing you need to feel and be fully aware that he LOVEs you, adore you, appreciate your presence.

No need to play a role or be artificial with him.

In other words you can be different, and you should but keep being truly yourself.

Your close someone near you should accept you all, not just your bright sides.

There should be mutual respect and together you will live better and better lives.

You should have the feeling that the man you chose to live with – Yours.

Listen to your heart and be attentive to details, I am sure you already know the answers.

 2. You feel a real woman beside him

Your man makes you presents, give you flowers, or he praises you with great attention without any reason?

For instance small things like his gentles eyes on you, hand while stepping off the car, ordering your favorite food, and many more.

How to stay happy and well in relationship?

He knows you perfectly, appreciates, and values your habits and interests.

Love you all at your core.

For sure you should be giving attention to him as well.

But now we are talking about you, so we may leave this topic to another time.

Write in the comments if you are interested to reflect on this on upcoming posts.   

3. Stay with somebody who may go through with you whatever it is

In our lives, we have different occasions, situations but even in some not pleasant moments, you may feel strong especially if someone may support you. Courage you. Love you and your love will make miracles.

You will have an amazing trip through life.

How to stay happy and well in relationship?

This may happen if he honest with you, accept you, perceive you as your soul mate.

You are not having one heart, you are strong amazingly sensitive to feelings, emotions two shining planets in a cosmos.  

Let your hearts beat in unison.

If you are like this you will live well and happy.

Wishing you all the best in your amazing journey through a happy and incredible life you deserve.

With Love,


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