Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #1

From this week I and You start investing in ourselves. We need to start to move and we will do that literally. How do we usually care about our bodies? We used to take care of it visiting doctors, using cleansers and creams. Do we need to make a new habit when our body may talk itself and free itself in a very natural way? Without any help from outside? I think our body deserves that!

Our bodies get stuck with our fears, pains, clamps. It wants to cry but can not, it will be willing to say but can not. We continue to use it as the rider uses the horse with no excuses or desire to hear about its pains. When we are in a state of constant activity we overload our body. We need to be able to restore our emotional and mental stocks and fill them with the energy in our bodies. 

We need to retire. We need it because it will let us find part of us that left without attention. Retire is a value for ourselves. These are rare moments that give us time to listen to our unique rhythm. In my new habit, it is the rhythm of the dance. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #1

My new habit #1 of this week is to dance. But this is not an ordinary dance. This is a journey of discovering our body and let it be free. It will teach us to give and receive. It will allow us to breathe. My choice and support in this activity – 5 rhythms dance guided version.

I share with you a link that I use. It is guided in English and since I just started to make a friendship with my body it helps a lot. 

When I tried it even scared me. I am not used to paying so much attention to what my body feels, music is sometimes wild and has different sounds which direct our soul to the times when people lived in caves and were very close to nature and themselves. 

My advice is to observe your different thoughts that will be coming to you within 30 minutes of dance, do not try to fight with them or get rid of them. Just observe them and let them go. Listen to the music and words, follow them, follow your body and soul. Make your room dark, be sure that you are alone, warn your family that you will be staying alone for 30 minutes. Close your eyes and start moving. 

You will have five different rhythms from warming up, flowing (this is my favourite part), then staccato. It is deep, dynamic, sharp. Exhale with no effort all that you kept in your body. Fourth rhythm – chaos. Here I am starting to be chaotic, release your spine. Dance wild. At the same time be all the way relaxed, do not strain your body. And finally, gently slow down.  This experience gave me joy, gratitude, and internal calmness. Now I am ready to be back to life having dedicated a precious time to my body. 

Make a favour to your great body which deserves your attention – 30 minutes per week is not that much, isn’t it? 

This is a project Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #1

I schedule in my phone calendar that I will keep dancing every Saturday evening for thirty minutes.  Make every new habit a repeating one. 

Try and write your comment about your own experience!

Keep dancing,


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