Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #14 – Live to enjoy!

Shall we live under pressure and stress? True investment to ourselves will be if we make a habit to live to enjoy. It is a new habit that will bring us a lot of joy and answer any questions. Because it has deep and great wisdom of life behind it. 

We want to control everything and everybody, we dedicate too much attention to small things that seem very important to us. The reason is that when we focus on the details or something it multiplies importance for us. In reality, it does not have similar importance the next day or hour. Why spend so much attention and stick to it? It is very difficult to change focus if something seems a big deal. I have the same issue sometimes being a perfectionist. This week I started to think about trying to find an exit from this old habit and open a door to a new one – Live enjoying. 

First of all, I understood that if I do not need to make something under pressure. Here is an example that shows this quite distinctly. Take a piece of paper and put two points. Now try to draw a straight line between these two points. 

Afterward, put the same two points below and stay relaxed, take your pen a little bit close to the end, do not put your hands to a table, and make a line as you would be a painter. Very easy, no pressure. 

Look at my picture below

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #14 – Live to enjoy!

When I drew the first line I tried hard and wanted a line to be perfectly straight. However, drawing the second one I kept losing my hand and simply connected one point with another.  

It is obvious that when we do not try too hard, the result is better. I do not say here that we do not need to be attentive to the details or hard workers but we need to make things with ease. The results will arrive. We should live enjoying not struggling. 

This makes a big difference in the way we do, in a process and then in the result. We may achieve results faster.  

How to live enjoying output 1  – take it with ease, feel the freedom

You may say, “What about control”? Should I not control the situation? In our world and nature, everything is created for you. Oxygen, water, trees, Earth, Moon, your skin, everything!!! Do you control all physiological processes in your body? Do you control your heartbeat? What about your breath? Who is breathing?

If we can not control anything outside and inside us, why are we so nervous and stressed to get other things under our control??? These are my reflections during these days that I would like to share with you. We need to be more balanced rather than try to get everything under our control. This shows that we do not trust. 

How to live enjoying output 2 – no extra control, no stress

We are born to have joyful living, live to enjoy. A flow of joy is endless, this is a great flow of generosity of the Creator since everything has been created for us to make us happy. 

Animals, insects, and birds know that, trees know that wisdom. They just live and they are enjoying themselves. We live on our planet Earth which is a part of the solar system. Everything in this system is in great order. The planet is moving at the same speed and the same distance.  

We people on Earth depend on Moon phases, on Sun eclipses. We are tightly interconnected inside this perfectly organized system. Unlike birds and ants, we people think too much, and while thinking we sometimes mix up orders and believe in our heads and cells. 

The wisdom is to invest in ourselves, be easier, love life, love people, ourselves, and live to enjoy. Have a balanced joyful life. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #14 – Live to enjoy!

How to live enjoying output 3  – stay balanced and joyful

It is not so easy to make this output your new way of thinking, constant state of mind and become a habit. Take your time to integrate this habit into your life. 

When negative thoughts arise again in your head, do not be angry with yourself, do not try to forget them. Instead, you need to convert, change them to a statement that “I always choose what I want. I want to enjoy life.”

There are endless reasons to be grateful. Do not focus on your situation too much, feeding it with your energy, choose to be happy, grateful, and joyful. 

How we live our life is always a choice. Your conscious choice. Let a flow of joy continue, do not interrupt it. 



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