Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #15 – 5 Steps to Boost your immune system!

Nowadays it is crystal clear how important it is to stay in the best of health and have a strong immune system. Along with the obvious ability to fight against viruses, why is it so important? 

A strong immune system will allow you to continue the everyday habits that make you happy. It is so important to have the right daily schedule consisting of work hours, leisure, and time for relaxation that will bring you results in each important sphere of your life. It is also about having a nice balance between staying active and relaxed. For both conditions, you need to have a great immune system. 

This week’s habit is about what and how to do in order not to stop your valuable lifestyle ideally full of health and happiness. Even more – make your lifestyle consist of constant wellness everywhere. 

Ready to boost your immune system and mood?

Invite into your life simple yet powerful habits as 

Take a contrast shower

It will boost your immune system most naturally. Use at home a principle of wellness. To stay well you need to have three paths –  Hot, Cold and Relax. After having your usual hot or warm shower, finish it with a short cold shower and then have a rest. Thus, you will have a super SPA at your home and boost your immune system. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #15 – 5 Steps to Boost your immune system!

Train, run, or walk 

Choose your favourite indoor or outdoor activities. You will be working over your body and muscles and becoming stronger day by day. Make a habit to stay active, 30 minutes of movement is better than sitting on a sofa. Declare to yourself that you will change for a habit to move, no matter what.    

Drink enough pure water 

There are a lot of amazing drinks but keep watch for your water balance. Our body consists not of lemonades but water. 

It is very easy to calculate your daily norm – you need to multiply 30 ml and your age. Buy for yourself a new bottle that may show you how many bottles you have had during a day or use any App you like to keep track of consumed water throughout a day.   

If you train get a bottle of water mixed with minerals (I use a powder form in a sachet) because you need to rebalance minerals after sweating during your training.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #15 – 5 Steps to Boost your immune system!


A rule of the right proportion of food will change after years and depend on your age. At 30-40, I needed to have 3-5 meals per day including intake of fruit or smart snacks during the day. 

Now, at 46 I feel that this volume becomes too much for me. I might have food only two-three times per day and that is enough to stay strong and in the same weight as before. To arrive at this method I tried different ways and now I am trying to stick to it (of course not during the holidays).

So my advice is not to run after endless advertisements of different diets but to listen to your body. It will tell you everything if you are ready to hear. 

Sure you need to have balanced food as before – proteins, carbs, greens, and oils.  

I prefer to have food that has less cooking time, fresh and simple. When you are in doubt, go for salad!  


Have enough hours of sleep every day. There is no special rule suitable for everyone. You may be comfortable with 4 hours or you need to have 8 hours every night. 

For me, it is a must to have 8 hours of sleep. The most important thing is to have enough hours of quality sleep. For this make your room dark, good for melatonin creation! No social media at least 1 hour before sleep. Listen to your body, it will tell you everything – when to go to sleep and when to awake. 

Just follow your feelings and intuition, nobody will tell you more truth about yourself except you. 

Stay healthy and happy,


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