Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #16 – 4 tips on how to stay happy with your loved ones

A new habit of this week is to be able to stay happy in any situation and with any people. Invest in yourself and enjoy life on all sides. 

Sometimes it seems difficult to stay happy with your loved ones. Probably because if their behaviour or attitude hurts us we accept it even closer to our heart rather than people that are not so close to us. 

Our children and parents are sometimes our best teachers. Catch the moments, hours, and days when you stay with your children and parents because children will not always be small humans, they will create after a while their own families. 

What about your parents – they will be becoming old and opposite to your growing kids they will start behaving like kids. This is life and its best sides are turning as our planet turns and the sun comes after the moon, daylights appear after night stars. Enjoy each moment with your loved ones and stay happy.

How to stay happy with your loved ones?

Even if it seems truly easy we need to work on our happiness. Let us discover how to make it possible.

1. Respect your own and your loved one’s borders

In order not to be hurt by your loved ones and be able to stay happy with them you need to figure out your borders. By borders, I mean that they need to clearly understand what you like, what you accept, where you can let them go, and up to which point. This is crucial, if you do not tell them or even worse do not know yourself you will be offended or hurt. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #16 – 4 tips on how to stay happy with your loved ones

Do not be a victim and feel sorry for yourself. It will never bring you a state of happiness, quite the opposite! You will stay forever feeling alone and asking them why they are not attentive to you, not loving you and why devoting all your life to them you are receiving this inappropriate attitude. Just let them know, tell and show the borders acceptable for you. You do not like the way they speak with you, tell them immediately when it happens for the first time. Do not wait until it will be an appropriate moment for this conversation. This moment is now, just after this case. 

Many people try to be nice and do not make it, and it will repeat again and again. 

For your loved ones it is becoming the new normal. In this case, the guilty person is you, not them. It is your mistake, take this responsibility. 

The same concerns their borders. Respect the opinion, desires, and inner wishes of your loved ones. You love them, don’t you? Why not let them go on their own?

They will never be like you. Even if they are your kids who received your parenting. Cherish the best of their personality, character, try to understand, better feel their emotions. If this miracle happens, you are not anymore in your old state of feeling of nervousness and discontent. You are perceiving them as fantastic persons that just have another opinion, love to do other actions than yours. 

Your children are a Universe given to you to enjoy, to stay happy when you are together! Do not spoil this fantastic idea. You will be closer to this condition of love and happiness if you keep reading and implement the second tip!

2. Refuse from your Ego

We as adults want our children to amuse our Ego. Let them love you but let it be in a very sincere way. If you let your ego be dominant, your happiness and the happiness of your loved one will never happen. I mean her true happiness – when you are so happy that you may embrace a whole world and see love and happiness in the eyes of your kids or man. These moments are so precious, and they are worth working over yourself and getting a new habit of refusing from your ego.

Ego is playing with us if we let it.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #16 – 4 tips on how to stay happy with your loved ones

3. Accept your loved ones as they are

One child may be clever, the second communicative, the third is wise. These are pictures of my children. So different and so charismatic and smart. Instead of trying to redo them as per your plan, accept them as they are. 

So many times, I have heard from different people that my daughter might be calmer, more ladylike. But what if she is born like this and this is the best and strongest side of her character. 

I never agreed with different opinions and encouraged her to live and behave as she is, her way and that makes me happy. The other daughter is so strong and fearless that I can never be like her. They make me feel proud of them and I accept them as they are. 

The wise one is so wise that listening to him sometimes I need to take notes and think about his statements.  

And if due to their characters they behave the other way, should I stay unhappy with them? Just think that they are different from you and respect them, feel proud and happy.

4. Notice and tell them only their best sides

While telling them their best sides you will make yourself understand how happy you are that your beloved one is so ideal. You are so lucky, you are so gifted being surrounded by such wonderful people. Be happy, smile, life with your loved one bring you so much happiness, do not spoil it with any type of negative thoughts or reactions. 

It is your choice, completely your way to live with your loved ones. A huge bonus of such relationships is that by behaving like this you can make them feel so good with you. When next time they will be choosing a company to stay in, do you think they will prefer to stay with you? Sure, because all of you will stay happy. 

This is a great rule of life – inhale happiness and exhale happiness. 

Wishing you to stay happy with your loved ones!

Work over a new habit, it is worth it. 


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