Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #17 – Nutritional and Body Aesthetics

This week we will be talking about aesthetics. The aesthetics of nutrition and body. This is probably one of my favorite topics since I like everything to be elegant and beautiful. Let us discover how aesthetics may help us in our nutritional habits and influence our body shape.

#1: Enjoy your food

When you are going to have lunch or dinner, make it not just an act of eating but make a habit to have a fabulous atmosphere around you. Have your dinner served on the most beautiful plates you may find at your home, do not let them wait for only your guests. Serve your dish differently, decorate the plate nicely, you may also use candles and flowers on a table. Enjoy your food with all your senses, slowly feel the taste. 

We are talking here about pleasure, but not only because it may save you from having too much food and extra weight. 

The other rule is to eat slowly. It is good for digestion and allows you to have your dinner longer with less consumption of food. In the end, you will not eat too much because when you eat fast you do not notice if you are full and keep eating. However, if you eat slowly you feel how you eat up gradually. 

We may compare this with the usage of perfume. If you have a fabulous perfume but use it too much it loses its fine smell which may open only if you put it in a certain right amount, you are allowing it to bloom on you.  

#2: Sculpture your body with no stress

Slim body and weight – that’s all about nutrition. You may of course do fitness or sport to burn extra calories, but the main goal of fitness is to grow the functionality of your body and shape your muscles. This is a daily work, it is a must especially after the forties.  

However, be careful to stay too strict with yourself. The danger comes from the stress hormone cortisol. When somebody practices a severe diet and trains extremely hard to lose weight the stress hormone cortisol is rising high. A person is under a lot of stress and feels unhappy. This is a reason why after slimming so well people come back easily and fast to their previous weight.  

If you want something to eat during your weight loss period, let yourself have it in small size and enjoy. It will give you the strength to continue your journey with balanced nutrition and still you do not need to refuse anything.

#3: Love your body aesthetics

When you aim to lose weight, follow signals that your body gives to you. Listen to your body. 

Take food when you are really hungry, when your body asks you for food, that means you need to be fed. All the rest of the time I drink water and herbal tea. It is very useful for your lymphatic system, will clean your body, and hydrate cells. And you will not feel hungry!

To balance your weight, to control it means true love to yourself. 

If a person says that he is not intended to change or do anything and believes that other people should love him as he is – that is not self-love. This is pure self-deception and veiled laziness. 

To make yourself love your body aesthetics you need to choose your best way to train which  will deliver you this type of body. 

Let me share with you my way to train and probably you may use it or adjust to yourself and your goals. It will mostly depend on your motivation which you must reveal, think about it, discuss together with your fitness coach or personal trainer.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #17 – Nutritional and Body Aesthetics

Systematically I have started to train after 40 years old and at this age, it is the only way to stay healthy and enjoy a wellness lifestyle. 

My goal is to have a functional and aesthetic body. My fitness training plan consists of three training sessions per week with a one-hour duration. It is very important to take into consideration the recovery period. 

The big muscles group demands 48-72 hours of recovery. If you are willing to have 5 training sessions per week with 90 minutes of training your muscles will be exhausted. 

To avoid this situation we have arrived with my fitness coach to the following scheme:

  • Monday – upper body training 
  • Wednesday – lower body training
  • Friday – functional training 

All training starts with cardio followed by stretching. This is the best plan for me based on my fitness level, age, and goals in fitness and tennis. One hour of tennis I play each Tuesday and Thursday morning. Sometimes you are tired or had a bad sleep or you are just back home from a long trip. 

What to do with your scheduled training? The best advice here is to listen to your body.  Ask yourself how you feel. 

If you are not feeling very well it is advisable to replace your full training with a light one or you may walk for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, you may like a condition of to-do-nothing and again will drop everything. And you know that it is always difficult to come back. 

It is much better to live your life enjoying nutritional and body aesthetics! I wish you to adopt this new habit into your life as soon as possible!

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