Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #18 – Self-love: practical and easy activities

In continuation of the 30 new habits marathon, you are with habit # 18 of this week.

Two-tree years ago, I heard from my friends about self-love activities that anybody can easily do at home. I closed my ears that time because I was probably not ready, was busy, and my focus was more on other things. 

I have started these easy-to-go activities, and my advice for you is to start immediately. The benefits are so huge that you can not calculate them. 

Suppose you are a person like me who loves to know the time needed for any activity. I will share with you that morning activity takes only 5 minutes and evening one 25 minutes! Shall we spend 30 minutes improving our health and mood? 

The simple exercises give me a boost and flexibility in the morning, and great stretching is the best end of the day late evening. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #18 – Self-love: practical and easy activities

Let us come directly to the point of what to do.

Morning #1: In the morning, before drinking your bottle of water, start from jumps. Make 100 short easy jumps. Thus, you will naturally have lymphatic drainage. Make some stretching if your muscles get clogged. 

Morning #2: Now is the time to make an intensive neck massage with both hands. Massage will help to speed up blood circulation after a night’s sleep.

Bonus tip – make a massage of the ears as well, and you will notice that you will have a mood boost; your eyes will become joyful and open immediately. 

Morning #3: Time to care about scalp skin and hair. Get both hands into your hair close to roots and move your scalp. It should move. Make the same movement throughout your head. This exercise is good for your scalp and hair growth. 

Morning #4: Put your arms holding elbows by your hands above your head, then start to swing your legs, lifting your arms higher and higher. At the highest point, hold on for 15 seconds.  

Morning #5: Put your arms behind your crossing fingers. Try to lift your closed hands as much higher as possible. Hold on for 15 seconds. Now you are ready to drink your water and start your usual morning routine. 

I do not come out of my room until I finalize my new habit. The same I advise to you because I felt the difference from day one. I feel immediately better; I am stretching, doing self-love activity, and this takes 5 minutes only!

It is time to describe my new evening habit. I got a lavender roller ten-centimetre diameter and started to work over my spine and muscles.

Evening #1: Leisurely lie down on a roller putting it under the tailbone. Your thumbs on your leg slightly touch each other, put your arms are above your head so that little fingers touch. Try to relax for 5 minutes, put calm music.  

Get off the roller slowly, deeply breathe, lying on your left or right side three times. Do the same by putting a roller for 5 minutes under your waist. 

A final position is to lie down on a roller under your shoulder blades. This one is the hardest to do because I have a pinched muscle in my right arm. I did so many things to improve its condition, and after only a week of doing this exercise on a roller, I am improving very fast. 

If you have any muscle clamps in your body, stretching on a roller will help you balance your body. Now I am sure of that. Try to relax deeply, do not be scared, feel your body, listen to it. 

Do not try to endure all 5 minutes if you feel pain. The first time I tried, I did 2 minutes only. Yesterday I managed to make three positions in 5 minutes. 

Our body is brilliant, and it goes where you direct it. Make the best for yourself, find time, do not make excuses. 

I wish you to stay balanced, flexible to changes, and accept new effective habits!

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