Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #19 – Know how to make your wishes come true

Catch the moon! What does that mean? It is crucial to know the moon’s cycle and that it means a lot to you. Keep an eye on a moon calendar, and when a new moon is born, this is the right time for you to write your gratitude and wishes in your journal. More about gratitude significant usage you may read here.

Tip #1

Choose a time when nobody will disturb you. Make a cozy ambiance – turn on soft light, stay comfortable. Write down from the depth of your heart gratitudes – all things for which you are grateful. Small, big, list them all. 

When it comes to wishes, make them in an obvious way. Choose words, describe in detail, maximize your ability to dream.

Tip #2

Do not think that this is not achievable, do not question yourself when it comes to you.

Quite the opposite believe that this all already happened. Our brain does not understand if it is true or false if we can feel the emotion. The most important thing is your feelings. If you can believe in this and feel emotions of joy and happiness as if it already happened, it will come to your life. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #19 – Know how to make your wishes come true

This week my new habit was to write down dreams, grouping them. I experienced a calm, happy hour. Since I have in my notes in the mobile phone and dream journals different written thoughts, I have decided to split them to: 

  • My every day
  • Every weekend
  • Travel 
  • Desirable future life  

That was a great experience for the first time in my life, probably because that was the right time to do that. I realized up to this week what I want and what had been imposed by society. It is a long journey of 46 years. I am excited that I found happiness to be myself—no more uncertainty in life. Straightforward dreams with clear goals. I am ready for all my dreams to come true.

Looking at my grouped dreams, I see that I do something that makes me closer to my goals every day. I do not worry when they realize they will come to me, maybe in different ways. Go your way, unravel the tangled shape of your life. It is an essential journey and works in your life.

At the same time, it is the most pleasant hour. List all your dreams. I want to finalize this post that whatever you want or dream about, you are already happy because we arrived in this life to feel joy and happiness each moment. 

I hope all your dreams come true! 

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