Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #20 – Systemize your knowledge

It is time to systemize habits #11-19 of our 30 new habits marathon. As we did in Habit 10, let us have a look at the habits of the second ten. 

I need to admit that I am not inventing the topics for my posts. I live them. And share with you. It is essential to develop new good habits and then stay consistent in doing them. 

All of our habits revolve around health, wellness, self-love, beauty, lifestyle, and the second ten habits are not exceptions. 

Second 10 habits of 30 new habits marathon

Let us analyze a list of the second ten habits of 30 new habits marathon, what we get, and why:

  1. Get a new skill
  2. The simplicity of life logic 
  3. The habit of self-love
  4. Live to enjoy
  5. Five steps to boost your immune system
  6. Four tips on how to stay happy with your loved ones  
  7. Nutritional and body aesthetics   
  8. Self-love: practical and easy activities  
  9. Know how to make your wishes come true  
  10. Systemize your knowledge  – the one you are reading now

We may see that during the second ten new habits, we have done great work over 

  • Development of new knowledge  – in posts 11, 12, 14, 19
  • Health and beauty – in posts 15,17
  • Self-love and happiness  – in posts 13, 16, 18

Why those topics? Simply because they make us stronger physically and mentally, more beautiful, and educate us to be happy. And Yes, these are the essential topics in our life. 

Congratulations on your new life, a new way of thinking, a new path to your bright future that you are building now. There is a choice to live every day the same way – very comfortable but sometimes with displeasure. You and I choose entirely another approach; we develop new knowledge and new YOU and ME. 

We will continue to live our lives staying on its brightest sides! Keep participating in marathons, and we will have a wonderful time to discover new habits!

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