Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #21 – Move your focus to your goal!

Very often, we live automatically repeating the same tasks and actions. We do that as we brush our teeth. We need to go to work, prepare food for a family, wash clothes and do other things. We always rush somewhere for something. 

What if I stop and think? Why are we doing all these movements? Which of them gets us to our dream? This week’s habit is to move your focus to your goal. 

I want to share with you a technique that I practiced with my children. It clearly shows the actions that drive us to our dream life and which of them are just useless. They take our time with no value for us. While doing this important task, keep your attention on it. Repeat it in six months or one year because you may have new goals. Or you may even make it once per month to check your focus.

How to move your focus to your goal?

Take a piece of paper and make two columns. The title of the left one is “I WANT!”. It will help if you list everything you want, from “I want to be healthy” to your desired profession or job. You have a chance to describe here your dream life and the best of yourself. Let the list be as long as you have thoughts to write. 

Now we arrived at your right column. Write here everything that you do every day. Take a period of one week because your days may be different. List all your activities starting from a morning shower, your work, what you do after work, meeting with your friends. Here there are no unimportant tasks; everything is essential. 

We arrived at the crucial point of the exercise – connect activities from the right column with your goals from the left column, which means that your daily activities should be helpful for your goals. If they match, you connect them with arrows. While doing this work, you need to analyze and answer if each activity drives you closer to your goals from the left column. 

You might connect some activities with several goals; that’s normal. In the end, you will see which daily activities are helpful for your goals and dreams and which of them you are doing for nothing. 

As a result of this exercise, avoid repeating useless activities, stop them. Thus you will be able to save time and move your focus to your goals. You now have priorities — your priorities with your focus oriented to your goals. This way, you lead your life to your dream life. You do not have blind life anymore. It is not a shame to live the life you want. It is a shame to live limitedly, without knowledge, and not following your goals. 

I hope this exercise will make you closer to your goals. 

Do focus, do live.

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