Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #6 – Find your inspiration!

This week I will write about the most important and must-have habit – you need to find your inspiration! To live life to the fullest we need to be in a state of inspiration. 

Dream, be excited, feel, breathe… This is a life – live the moments that inspire you. I have different people from different cultures, sports, art, and fashion that inspire me. It can be real people from nowadays as tennis master Rafael Nadal, historical persons as Tamerlane from my recent trip I will describe below.    

Thinking about the inspiration I realized some time ago that the most inspiring thing for me is travelling. The reason why is that you have a full mix of new experiences during travel to a new place or your favourite one. 

Dive into 5 senses

You taste and smell local food made of new for you ingredients and recipes, see beautiful places, landscapes, masterpieces, and architecture that will be far away different from your native place, listen to new stories, language, and sounds, touch new culture and history that you will remember forever. That is incredible and fantastic how we are different and similar. 

This week I followed my inspiration and visited my neighbour country Uzbekistan. I want to share what inspired me there and why it is so important to find your inspiration. We have been there with my family – husband, and children. 

Spend quality time with your family 

We always spend quality time together since we appreciate the time when we are all in one place, share what we see and enjoy, learn from each other and discuss the time of now and our future. So we use this time to stay together not only because we are on a trip but enjoy it together staying in one mood of new experience. We stay not only physically but present in a moment, carefully listen to all members of the family, and exchange thoughts. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #6 – Find your inspiration!

This trip allowed us to learn more about the history of the Silk Road. We visited the center of the Silk Road which is Samarkand city. Imagine that the time Silk Road was booming even a young boy may have to go fearlessly and safe through all the Road which consists of several countries! That is the wisdom and power of Ruler Tamerlane of that time. This new knowledge inspired me.  

Feed your spirit with high-level energy  

These places have different and pure energy at a high level. When we planned these short four days travel a main idea was to see, show to our children neighbour country. But in the end that became a very spiritual visit as well. We visited holy places, in some of them, you may even cry from pureness and feel of gratitude.  

A big tip before going on a trip is to get the best guide who speaks your language, may show and explain the uniqueness of such places. That makes a huge difference. Before we could go and see a place by ourselves and now after this trip, I understood that we need to have a guide on our new trips in the future. 

Enjoy time to try 

The guide organized for us the best lunch possible in this old city, which was a place where a chef-prepared Samarkand plov. For the preparation of this amazingly tasteful dish, they use five types of oil in a special balance, local rice, meat, and chick-pea.

Our lunch was full of great tastes, Omega-3, and balanced food. Before a meal, we were offered a local drink with probiotics and herbs. After lunch, we enjoyed green tea with special homemade candies. This trip was a paradise for body and soul! But this is not all!!!         

How come to skip fashion?

I like the kind of small shops where local craftsmen present there I would say not work but masterpieces. I have got a golden jacket made of 100% silk hand made. On top of it, there is an embroidery of blue leaves and red pomegranates. It fascinated me. Later I learned that in this land pomegranate is a symbol of fertility and wealth. 

Besides we got many local silk scarfs with local patterns. I have got one for me with a symbol of the wheel of fate. The meaning of it that life will never end, your life will continue with your children’s lives and this move is endless. What a beautiful philosophy behind it!

We feed our soul and body with new inspirational experiences during this trip. All our senses were grateful to us and we were full of Gratitude. 

You need to invest in yourself. Have a new habit – find your inspiration!

Let it travel as mine or anything or anyone else. The most important thing to remember is that we grow only if we change. And we change when we are inspired and systematically injecting in our life our new habits.

Keep an eye on my marathon to get more new habits!


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