Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #7 – Reassessment of values!

True investment to yourself will be if you can make from time to time a reassessment of values. We compose our values and then truly believe that by any means we need to achieve our goals according to our values. But what if sometimes we can make a reassessment of our values and notice that they need to be corrected. In this case, we will avoid extra time to spend and rush to our unnecessary materialistic targets. 

Get a new habit – think, check, analyze your values, exclude from your life everything that doesn’t match your «updated» values. You will have more space to breathe, move and move with joy and light heart and soul.

Why this habit and why this week?

Everything becomes not important when we talk about human life, our personal life, and the life of our closest people. When I say life here I mean a fine border between life and death. 

My father had an operation this week, and that was a terrible week of expectations, doubts, a great love to one of the most beloved people, fear of loss… We were waiting for a verdict from a committee of doctors if he could carry out the operation because his physical condition was heavy. Once they said that it is possible we had a moment of happiness but the next day the hours of the operation seemed endless, nobody could guarantee if we may see him again. Imagine that the same day was the birthday of my daughter. I may only say that this is life. 

When I received a message from my father who wrote to himself that he is in his room in a hospital, my eyes were full of tears and my heart was full of gratitude. Gratitude for life, for love, for having him alive. 

We often overthink and care about material things. All these wishes disappear when we adjoin something more important. You start feeling this big difference with all your heart.

You see this moment crystal clear that you may be happy if everyone from your close people is alive, healthy, and happy. This is already enough. If you wake up in the morning, have a quiet soul and food for this day, you are already considered to be a happy person. 

A condition of love and happiness doesn’t depend on your financial condition, this is a proven fact. There are so many people in the world who have money and are not happy. We should be happy and joyful no matter where we are on the way to our dreams, appreciating life surrounded with close to our hearts people and things that we love.  

I do not mean here that money is not necessary or important. Opposite, a  person rich spiritually and financially knows that money is a tool to make a world better, they allow to help others by doing a lot of good things. It lets each of us influence our society’s life, starting first of all from our family and close people. 

I wish you to stay financially stable and independent, getting rich more and more each year materialistically and spiritually. Do not stop. Possibilities and money are endless. 

Making a reassessment of your values, I am sure you will find some space to think and change. Do not wait for some heavy circumstances as happened to me, they changed me both spiritually and physically. I want to share my surprising fitness experience when I trained the day after my father’s operation.

Influence on fitness condition after a reassessment of values

This week I still kept my other habits and had planned training. Here are some good indicators of my last training. It was the first time at this level through five years of fitness training.

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #7 – Reassessment of values!

What happened? 

  1.  A level of adrenalin dropped since I was in harmony and balance after a week full of fear and stress
  2. When I trained, I usually thought that it would be difficult for me to reach some new result and I always had a high level of BPM. This time when I started my usual training I thought how much my fears of this kind are not important compared to the life of my dad.

I appreciated so much that he is with us and was grateful that I can move and run. Before I perceived this fact as normal but after my father’s condition when he couldn’t move I was truly grateful that I can run. I feel happiness, not doubts as usual.

As a result, I had indicators far away from the calm that my usual picture when I was in a red zone on the pick. Now the picture looks like I had a walk in a park. 

We are often upset about the things that will never happen. It is important to understand this, I did this during each of my cardio training. I hesitated that it will be difficult for me to run or that I will never reach my fitness goal or it will take years.  

After a reassessment of values, you will live a new life. To change values is a very difficult task but without changing values and minds we will never have a new life with new results. 

Think about your values, stay happy and joyful, do not fear to change!

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