Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #9 – Believe in yourself!

Keep investing in yourself. Keep living on the bright side of the sun. Just shine! We have lived as we used to but this marathon will not let us go this ordinary way. It will move us ahead!

This week we will have a habit 9 and it will be about a belief. To have a new life and change the old obsolete habits we need to get new ones and substitute with them the old ones. 

Do not stay in the same place, take steps to your new life. Believe in yourself. In all aspects of your life, it will help you not to be frightened of competition whatever and wherever it may come from. 

This week I talked with my son and he shared with me his thoughts. I will write here a direct translation. 

«Never give up! Even if everyone is laughing at you, they just simply envy you. They can not grow themselves and that is why they do not let others do that. Therefore, never give up and believe in yourself because you can do everything.»  

Then he added: «A crowd of people shout: You can not do it, you are not able! Creator in a whisper: You can do anything!!!» 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #9 – Believe in yourself!

Believe only in yourself. Listen to your intuition. Imagine that everything has already happened, do not listen to others’ opinions if your heart is telling you that you are right. It is your life and there is no right or wrong here.

You, your destiny, choices all that is yours. You are the ONE and may live your unique life that is not available for anyone else. You do need to believe in yourself to live the life you deserve, you are looking for. That should be your new habit. Your new way of living. 

You need to stop complaining, to be a victim of all. Do not let others indicate your way, to change or destroy your plans.

I motivate you to go your own way. Maybe you will have mistakes on your way. But nobody will be powerful and strong until mistakes are done and fixed. Bright, big, fantastic stars that will lighten your life if you do not give up and believe in yourself. 

Remember periods or moments when you believed in yourself, I am sure the results were quite different than the ones when you hesitate and refused from doing anything. 

Make belief to be your new habit. To let this habit work you need to do a lot of work. Imagine a life that you want to live, in detail, not by a few words. Describe for yourself how you will live, what you do, what are your hobbies, what are your priorities. Do not question yourself how you reach it and when. This will be another step. 

First, you need to have a clear picture of what you want. Often people can not make a choice about what they prefer to have for dinner in a restaurant. So rare they ask themselves what they want. From this example, you may understand how hard it is to choose the life you want. It is not just a simple dinner. 

Be a dreamer, be a believer. Make this habit to be your close friend. Then make a plan, set a target, and make your dreams come true. Maybe not tomorrow but after a few years, five years, ten years you will reach it.

Enjoy a process, do not wait just for results. If you do not believe in yourself today it will never happen in even 10 years. All that you have today is about your past. All about your future starts from today. 

Wish you to be the happiest person with a true belief in yourself and in your life you deserve. 

My biggest regards to your future YOU,


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