Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #10 – Master your skills!

We arrived at habit #10 in my 30 new habits marathon.I decided to make each tenth post of a marathon as a resume of the previous nine posts. 

These nine habits may look like random posts but they are a result of big work over myself in the past and natural continuation today. The hard work on growth – on personality, improvement of the physical condition of a body, health, increase of self-love.

 For example, fitness training and playing tennis had been also a part of hard work over myself starting from finding time for the training in a busy schedule of work and family, ending on the improvement of sport results and getting new inspirations for the future. 

First 10 habits of 30 new habits marathon

Let us analyze a list of the first ten habits of 30 new habits marathon, what we get, and why:

1. Free your body 

2. Increase self-love 

3. Experiment with care 

4. Connect with people 

5. Boost your confidence 

6. Find your inspiration 

7. Reassessment of values 

8. Importance of graduality 

9. Believe in yourself

10. Master your skills  – current one that you are reading

If we look at the above list we may notice that it is like a weekly Awareness Diary. It is perfect when we live with awareness, each week adding, considering, thinking over new habits. That means our life will never be the same, even as previous week. 

Looking at all these precious materials I need to admit that we cover here improvement for our:

  • Body – in posts 1, 2, 3
  • Mind – in posts 4, 5, 8, 9
  • Soul – in posts 6, 7

Thus, we touch in our first ten new habits each aspect of what our personality is composed of. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #10 – Master your skills!

To love life is about making everything with a great taste, slowly and leisurely, at the same time systematically and with discipline. An excellent combination is to make everything in time while enjoying every moment of your life. 

This could be the ideal balance and harmony of your life strategy. To arrive at such a life we need to create and implement new habits into our life. First, with hard work and after when we adjust ourselves to them, we may use them easily with elegant grace. 

Do you remember the moment when you first sat in a car as a driver? I am sure that was a complete nightmare! You need to get to know so many parts of the car, be focused, at one time remember so many things, follow a road and other cars on a road, not only yours…

After a while when you got an experience, you could easily drive a car at the same time listening to music and talking with your friends. How is it possible? You mastered your skills. 

The same you need to do in this marathon – master your skills in your new habits. You can do this using them until they are automated.   

Imagine that in one year you will implement in your life and master 30 new habits!

Will you change? For sure. 

Will it be easy? No, nobody promised that.

Will it give you great results in the future? Absolutely Yes. 

Will you enjoy the process? No, because any change is tightly linked with discomfort.  

Will you be happy with the result of the process if you do not give up? The answer is 100% Yes.

What will happen if you refuse the idea to get new habits? You will live the same life as yesterday, a year, five years ago. If you are completely fine in all segments of your life  – health, spirit, family & friends, personal growth, finance – do not read my blog. I am happy for you!

My blog is for people who are willing to change, develop, be better, who want to live an exceptional dream life. 

Multiply love for yourself. Master your skills. Be a master of your life  – use your new habits at full and hone your skills.Keep living ten habits and keep reading my blog! Let us see and discover other new habits in the near future!!

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