Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #8 – Habit of Graduality!

Let us continue our marathon of new habits. Keep investing in yourself! That will be the most stable investment ever. Have your new habits around your life, use them, play with them, be a hero of the situation, stay a winner of everything! 

This week’s habit is about graduality. I need this habit due to my character and attitude to any things I am doing. I need big results. I believe a new habit will be useful for you as well and you will get results using it. 

How many times we want everything and at once. We need to develop not only patience and consistency but also a graduality. 

Looking at my daily schedule I realized that something I am missing every day. Small steps of a new habit. They allow us to reach big results after permanent involvement and discipline. It is a pity that constantly we do not have time. Sun is going down and rising again, days pass and we are not even able to start. 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #8 – Habit of Graduality!

Step one – Define only a few targets

I made an output that I need to choose two-three targets and do them every day, seven days per week. Here is an example of daily mines:

  1. Reading books 
  2. Watching professional tennis

Why are these two among thousands possible? You need a limited quantity of two because if you choose more than two-three you risk not starting or continue. Let them be only a few, not more. Remember that you will be returning to them (with a happy face) each day. 

I love reading books and reading a lot. Reading books allows you to grow as a person, spiritually. Never stop reading. It will allow you to have new knowledge, a different point of view and bright ideas. What I could not organize before is to read every day. 

I need time for watching tennis matches because two times per week I play tennis on a regular basis. Now is the time to pay attention to strategy, new techniques to learn, and inspiration.

Your targets need to be something that you would love to do but still do not have time for that. Secondly – they need to be something that will be useful for you and may give results in the future. In this way, it will be investments in yourself from a long-term perspective helping you to feel better and proud of yourself since you would reach some specific result. 

After defining my targets for a new habit of graduality I was a little bit out of the box. This happened since I realized that I will be doing that EVERY day, HOW IT IS POSSIBLE? The other thought scared me since I started to hesitate WHEN I will be doing this??? 

Investing in yourself. 30 new habits marathon. Habit #8 – Habit of Graduality!

Step two – Right timing is the most important

Now I needed to define time and a place where I would realize my chosen targets. This is very important, otherwise, it will be just your dreams that will never be realized. I went over all options and … did not find the right time and the right place. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and I restarted again. 

In the end, the time had been defined – I would watch tennis matches on the way to the office or back on my mobile phone on YouTube. Usually, I used this time to reply to emails and messages mostly related to the work. Now I have worked out a new habit to watch tennis matches. A few days ago I remembered to myself to watch, now it is becoming a great pleasure. First because of the awareness that I am investing in myself. The second is a pleasure. Maybe it is the same feeling that half of the world’s men’s population has when they watch football matches. 

It allows me to enjoy, analyze, and be inspired. Reading a book habit I put in the evening before going to bed. A recap – choose the time that will be the best and the most important is easy for you.

Finally, step three – Graduality

This is the moment to implement a habit of Graduality – the habit of this week of 30 new habits marathons. Read more about amazing new previous habits related to marathon here 

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We always try to be involved for 100% for some important job or hobby, dedicate a good enough volume of time and try to be consistent and permanent !….. and then do nothing because we do not have time for that. The exit from this situation is gradual. Let us have 10 minutes per day for each task.

May you find 20 minutes per day to finalize the tasks that give you joy, which will also be a  good investment for yourself? I know that you can do that. Because I am doing this one week and have so much happiness. My book is no longer lying on the bedside table waiting for me, I touch it every evening and each day I learn something new or check out my thoughts. 

I already started to try something new in my tennis training and this is only the beginning. This is just the first week. 

When you will be gradually used to dedicate 10 minutes per task, after some time it will be far away more time because you will be used to it and it will give you pleasure. The result also will be doubled or tripled.

But let us start first. Keep changing with me reading my lifestyle blog and participating in a marathon. 

With pride for your future changes, 


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