How to create a daily schedule?

Here we are not looking for any daily schedule templates. We are going to create an individual plan for a day. What is right and what is wrong depends on hundreds of factors – personality, habits, lifestyle… However, we need to find a balance and compose the right daily schedule for you. 

Therefore, it will allow you to be more efficient, to live in harmony, to stay more productive and to live a healthy and wellness lifestyle at the fullest. 

The secret to a great day is a great morning

Firstly, we will start not from the morning as usually all people do but from the night. Because of the importance of your night rest is enormous for your body and mind. It will cause a big difference in your further daily schedule and mood. So, to create a daily schedule we need to fix two questions.

1. How many hours of sleep is enough for me?

To answer this question, you need to give several tests and analyze your condition in the morning when you get up. Usually, it should be eight hours of good rest. Some people stay very well with four hours of sleep. For them more sleep is bad, they start feeling sluggish.

For instance, for this post, we will take 8 hours and you may adjust it according to your own figure. A lot of daily schedule templates don’t care about it. Remember — healthy sleep is one of the main reasons for creating a daily schedule.

Make your daily schedule

2. What time do I need to go to bed?

Another particularly important question mark to compose the right daily schedule for you. 

Here you should observe and feel yourself. Be attentive to your body – when does it want to go for rest? When you are still on foot but desire to fall on the bed? 

There are so many books written on the topic of 5 am start of the day. The truth is that we will have much more time early morning to fulfill our healthy habits and important tasks but I am sure that this theory does not work for everybody and it shouldn’t.

Because we are different. We have different bodies and if it is right for somebody but makes you stressed after some time does it really work for you?

Let us say at 11.00 pm (put here your own hour) you go to bed.

The most important thing when you set up this time for yourself no matter what you need to stick to it. We are making here not one day schedule for you but the right daily schedule for you to keep on for months and years.

My congratulations, you did the first step in creating a daily schedule!

As a result, we know that your day in the morning starts at 7.00 am since in this example you go to bed at 11 pm and sleep 8 hours. Practice gratitude 15-20 minutes in bed before fall asleep and right after your alarm will ring. It will change the quality and mood of your day. 

You will be ready to start in the morning another beautiful day full of great surprises and you will be energetic enough to embrace them. Just as planned in your daily schedule!

After that, we put in our plan glass of water, it will take you just 5 min (now the time is 7.05 am) if you will help yourself and prepare beforehand a glass of water near your bed  – this is what you must do immediately after a night sleep. We should pour our bodies with water because we lose our stock of water at night. 

How to make daily schedule

There are many reasons to compose the right daily schedule for you, isn’t it?  Above all, it keeps you healthy, balanced and more organized. 

Meanwhile, we take a shower, make our beauty rituals, and dress. It will fly 30 min and therefore we are ready to have our healthy breakfast since we ideally need to pass 30 minutes after water intake.

As a result, we may have our breakfast at 7.35 – 8.00 am

Now let us compose a further daily schedule for you depending on your working hours. In other words, it is time now to put working hours, physical exercise, hobbies, and time with your family and friends in some order.

I would prefer if you keep the first important things for you. Because most of the time doing all the things that we must we arrive at the end that we do not have time to ourselves, it is already late, and we need to go to sleep giving a promise to ourselves to start tomorrow. 

That happened before with me a lot of times as well. However, you may also put your exercises easily before lunch or shift in the evening. The most important


Consequently, we put as a priority fitness or tennis (any sport) hour in a daily schedule. 

You may have 3 times per week fitness and 2 times your favourite sport – tennis, running, skiing, swimming whatever makes you happy, energized and inspired. 

Here is my post about trainings.

As a result, driving to the training center, training is done and showers we are at 10 am

Daily schedule says it’s time to work

Work with enthusiasm and passion. Dedicate yourself to your tasks and job and you will get results. Let us say that at 7 pm you are at home. 

This is time to enjoy your sweet home, meet and see the beautiful eyes of your kids and husband. Therefore, it is time for your close people, maybe a dinner with parents.

Daily schedule for you

Have a nice dinner, be grateful that you have this all – you have close souls to enjoy dinner together, listen very attentively when they share with you how they spent their day. This is a golden hour of relationship with your closest people on the planet. 

Relax and enjoy!

How about a bubble bath at 9 pm? All the thoughts of the day are gone and you are happy when you are immersed in the bath with candles and aromas after an intensive day. You still have time to read a book at 10.30 before going to bed at 11 pm.

In conclusion I would say during this fantastic day you had time for 

  • Gratitude
  • Training
  • Self-Love
  • Passionate working hours
  • Family time
  • Self-Improvement
  • Pamper yourself

Compose the right daily schedule for you without any templates and it will pay you off!    

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