10 great recipes to practice Self-Love!

Why do we need to practice Self-Love? What for? Isn’t it too egoistic to love yourself?

How many times we do not allow self-love due to many reasons we invent constantly. For instance, we are too fat, we have wrinkles, think that we need to train more, too lazy… 

We have an endless list of things that we must do to “deserve” love for yourself. Above all, you may add here facts and realities from our childhood when we should be nicer, more effective, more talented in the eyes of our parents and schools. All the time we should behave better for others. 

This all nothing to do with Self-Love, this all about perfectionism. However, remember that you have a right to Self-Love from your birth along with the right to freedom. Then why do we need to put so much complexity into our life? 

Let us see and discover together How we may increase the level of Self-Love, start practicing, do not give up, and month after month, year after year you will notice an efficient impact on your life quality. 

Allow to be mistaken, this all a part of the process, part of your great experiences. Your way that can not be repeated by anyone else. 

1. Do not try to be perfect in everything you do.

Perfection is a masterpiece, and a masterpiece is made of details. Stay happy along the process and do not wait until all the details are done perfectly. 

The process itself should bring you Happiness and Love. Do not wait for a perfect result to become happy and feel Self-Love.

10 great recipes to practice Self-Love!

2. Be kind to yourself

Be the most precious guest to yourself in your life and your best friend who will always support you, listen to you, hear you from the depth of your heart. 

Do not blame yourself, do not make yourself guilty. In other words, be patient, if you did something wrong, just let yourself another try and attempt to try again if needed, to develop further. 

Do not judge immediately yourself. Kindness leads to joy, a joy to happiness, and love.

What is the point of always scolding yourself? 

3. Let yourself have time to do what you love to do the most.

Maybe you are a fan of tennis or running. Probably you love making cakes. However, instead of preparing with love a beautiful cake, you have to stay in the kitchen to prepare dinner for your family after a tough day. And that doesn’t make you happy and not give you a feeling of Self-Love. 

This is the wrong choice for you unless it is your choice and makes you happy. Choose what you really would love to do, take a step. 

Maybe your dream is to sing, devote some time per week to enroll in a singing club. 

You can not live anymore as a servant for someone else. NO! You arrive in this world to love yourself and make yourself happy. This is the meaning of life at the end of the day. 

The most difficult things to realize and understand are usually the simplest ones. Do not complicate. It will not be easy to reformulate your mind and give new tasks to your brain but one day you start, another day in the future you will start having fruits. 

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4. Stay positive.

Focus on the positive sides of life, people, opportunities. 

Implement this new habit, instead of noticing and stacking on problems and issues, focus on an amazing part of life. Interesting people, beautiful looks on the streets, smiling faces, colors of nature, your calm breath. Start noticing positive things that you never focused on before. You need to be patient here and let yourself, deep-dive, into this new reality. 

As you can not make a marathon if you never trained before. The same you need to develop day after day a new habit of staying positive, you need to refocus yourself.

5. Stop comparing yourself with the others.

You are unique. Self-Love and happiness don’t depend on money, confession, or any other status quo definitions. 

It’s a completely inner process, then why to compare yourself. You do not know anything about someone’s soul state and you shouldn’t. Concentrate only on your own life, conditions, positiveness, happiness. Do not lose energy and time for comparison.

6. Throw away negative thoughts and doubts.

Realize that they are not your friends. They are the ones that will hold you back. You have a direct road to your utmost Self-Love, do not turn left or right, move only ahead. If you notice a habitual negative thought, do not blame yourself, it’s normal – for years you kept these thoughts in your brain folders. Observe this old thought, thank it, and say that you do not need it anymore. 

7. Be the first in a row!

Put yourself in the first place – your wishes first, you need to have the best part of the cake.

Treat and care first of all about yourself and your love for yourself will fill you to pour everyone close to you with Love. Because Love is enormous, it’s endless. Being in a state of Self-Love will be enough to share and pass it to your husband, kids, parents, friends, colleagues. You will be able to embrace everyone at once, even at a distance. 

Important is to be the first among everyone. 

8. Do not keep inside of your heart any emotions

Be emotional, FEEL. You need to feel scared, pain, joy, happiness. Feel all emotions at fullest without limits. You are not an actor in the scene of theatre of your life. Live your life. 

Learn to fill joy at the highest level not only when you reach some results. Every time, with small things. Laugh with your kids as a kid. We may indeed learn a lot from our children a lot.

Their wisdom is endless. Start noticing and then feeling all this. It is your emotional evolution! 

9. Focus on opportunities, not problems.

When you will be seeking for the opportunities they will start arriving and appearing in your life. Take them, do not hold the moment. 

If you have ideas in your head, you have a full chance to implement these ideas in your life. Stay in a flow, trust yourself.     

10. Love your new personality before you become a new person.

Make closer a moment of welcoming new YOU. 

In conclusion, when you start changing how you think, how you act, and how you feel, a new person will been born by you. Imagine, meditate, love this person even before you become it. 

In this case, you will be creating this new Self-Love human faster, sharper, and much easier.  

10 great recipes to practice Self-Love!

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